Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Break Up: Nina Splits With Vampire Diaries Star To Increase Her Romantic Appeal For Film Roles

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Break Up: Nina Splits With Vampire Diaries Star To Increase Her Romantic Appeal For Film Roles

It’s no secret that Nina Dobrev is trying to transition into films. She’s said as much, and she’s slowly starting to build her film resume. She started out with bit film parts when she got the job of headlining the Vampire Diaries, but the show has slowly garnered a passionate fan base and has allowed her to dip her toes into movies as well. But unfortunately, most movie stars – especially attractive ones that are still young and upcoming – are often sold as sex symbols. Nina’s upcoming role in Let’s Be Cops exemplifies that perfectly, where her topless scenes are showcased prominently in the trailer.

But when such an actor or actress is sold as a sex symbol, a big issue for the audience is believability. Guys who are being subjected to Nina as a budding movie star won’t be as interested in her if they know she has a boyfriend. This phenomenon is much more present with female fans than male fans, but it’s still there with both genders to a large degree. Fans – especially in this day and age of social media – want to know that the person they’re crushing on doesn’t have a significant other. Obviously, these fans can objectively say that they have a 0.001% chance of landing this movie star in real life, but that’s why they call it fantasy and obsession. In the end, it’s all about building the image, and if Nina is being sold as a desirable sex symbol, dating 35-year-old Ian Somerhalder won’t go along with that image.

In the end, I don’t believe that Nina even wanted to stay with Ian, even if the fans wanted them to stay together. Ian may have wanted to settle down with her, but Nina is still way too young to entertain the notion of marriage and babies – especially with her career taking off. So it’s really a win-win for her to break up with Ian and help her career and public image in the same shot.

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  • dd

    You’re right. If you are selling yourself only as sex symbol you have a credibility problem. And professionalism. Nina is not able to
    attract serious roles in serious movies. Appears for 5 minutes in a film and then undresses. I don’t have anything with Nina and Ian seems to be equally untrustworthy. I was disappointed.
    He has postponed the show on Sunday to take eat to his new friend: Nikki Reed. On her account instagram there is a photo with sunflowers, a table, and food to the right can be seen a handful of man. It’s the hand of Ian, it’s his bracelet. It’s his private life, but we are his fans and we want some more professionalism. Can we
    quit meeting with friends to get there and to be with him … And I paid and money for that. As I was saying: professionalism. How can Jan to ask to follow him, to change our world, when he said it’s not there? He is not able to arrive at a show? A lunch with his girlfriend is more important than ‘to change the world’. OK. I understand. Just imagine, nothing else.

    • em

      how do u know hes dating nikki reed? do u have proof?? or you just going by a hand that has a brown beaded bracelet? anyone could have a brown beaded bracelet “insert sarcasm here” omg is with her he has one he must be dating her “insert sarcasm” DONT start something if you know nothing about, friends can have dinner together

  • Mel

    That’s just pile loads of crap. They have issues of commitment and marriage from IAN not Nina. Any way ur story can rot on the stands.

  • kay

    You can still be a sex symbol and be in a healthy relationship. This is total bs. If Nina is thinking like this then it is a total cop out.

  • kay

    Dude why even comment if you feel this way. Stop wasting every one’s time with your ignorant comments

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  • Bri

    I love ian somerhalder so much and I also love nina dobrev they are both my idol and I will do anything for them so I think they should date again I’m not starting nothing but just saying because ian has done so much to make his fans happy and he already has :) ????????love you ian and nina -my idols !????????