Ian Somerholder Flirts With Nina Dobrev: Naked on Vampire Diaries Set (VIDEO)

Ian Somerholder Flirts With Nina Dobrev: Naked on Vampire Diaries Set (VIDEO)

You know how women say they love a guy that can make them laugh? That may be true but when the sense of humor comes wrapped in a hot body like Ian Somerholder has, how can anyone resist? The Vampire Diaries hottie recently sat down to chat with Larry King – also an undead relic whose inexplicably immortal and may live off the blood of children… Ian Somerhalder spilled the dirt on some of his dirty on-set antics that even shocked his on and off again lover Nina Dobrev.

The blue eyed hunk revealed his naked set habit to the cryptkeeper on his Larry King Now show and talked about how he’s nude on set so much that he’s completely comfortable. (Where do I apply to intern on the CW show? I could be his towel girl!) But others on the set are not often as open to his exhibitionism and Ian thinks it’s funny.

The CW hit show films in Atlanta – the conservative South – and he told King that most of the crew are good old boys and girls that aren’t accustomed to his openness. Ian told Larry, “I’m naked a lot and I really like to mess with the crew.” He says he hops out of bed after filming a nude scene and walks around au naturale showing off his hunky goodness but when he tries to chat up crew members, particularly the guys, they tell him “Get away from me Ian.”

But it was his epic on set prank of his on and off screen love interest Nina that is absolutely hilarious. Back in Season 3, there was an epic scene where Damon hopped out of a bubble bath and walked into his room all naked and bubbly when Elena comes in and sees him in all his studly glory. Her reaction is open mouthed shock which is believable since he is a fine male specimen.

But what those of us watching couldn’t see was that he was playing pachyderm penis to prank her. Ian worked with the first AD to engineer the prank which involved having the prop master make elephant ears then sticking them to his thighs with double stick tape. Ian says he went to the prop guy on set and said “So what if I was completely naked and we had elephant ears… so she would be staring at a very small, young elephant.

They made the ears, Ian strapped them on and he described her reaction as “f***ing amazing.” You can see in the clip at about 32 seconds the stunned look on her face. As if staring at Ian in all his muscly glory wouldn’t be enough to prompt an open-mouthed reaction, him with ears on his junk certainly would be. Nina had shared this story with Entertainment Weekly a while back but never went into much detail so Ian’s account reveals the whole hilarious backstory.

I’ve got fingers crossed that Elena and Damon will start hooking up again but with just two episodes left in Season 5, we may be left hanging. Be sure to check out our live recaps of Vampire Diaries and if you’ve missed an episode or forgotten something, you can review the whole season of recaps here to be ready for Season 6.