The Blacklist’s James Spader On Set Secrets Revealed

The Blacklist's James Spader On Set Secrets Revealed

Are you loving NBC’s new hit series The Blacklist? If so then I’m sure a huge part of the reason is James Spader’s genius portrayal of mastermind criminal Ray Reddington. He’s not your typical shady character and Spader plays him to the letter with a whole bunch of interesting ticks and quirks. What I hadn’t realized is that the actor is flying blind so to speak when on set and in character.

According to the Feb. 10th issue of Star Magazine Spader always wears glasses in his real life but Redd does not have any type of visual impairment. Spader can’t tolerate contact lenses so while working he simply ditches his glasses and the result is worrisome. Sources say that the actor is nearly blind and is constantly running into things. He has suggested a nice pair of specs for Redd but so far the powers-that-be aren’t interested in giving the character a pair of glasses.

It’s just one more example of what a great actor Spader is. We would have never known that he couldn’t see well in any of his scenes! As far as The Blacklist itself goes, obviously Spader has made it a hit but what about the rest of the characters? NBC has taken some heat because the other characters at times come across like cardboard cutouts to some. Do you agree with that assessment or do you think actors such as Megan Boone who plays Elizabeth Keene are getting the job done just fine? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Adriana Jenson

    I think the gal who plays Lizzy does an awesome job. I actually like how she has the overwhelmed yet monotone demeanor. To me, it seems like it’s on purpose to show it get role in the series is overwhelming and she’s taking one moment at a time. Also, I think they mean to portray that she can handle a lot without getting too emotional…to show she keeps an even keel no matter what is going on (hence the monotone aspect I mentioned). I do think her husband is a bit lame. His acting seems a bit cookie cutter.

  • Pajamaparty

    Spader is in a class of his own, but I love the rest of the cast. I think Megan Boone is doing a great job. She is young and still learning about the world and the FBI, so I think her reactions are actually spot on. She is a moral person but she also is starting to like Reddington. The guy who plays her husband actually is a great actor. My prediction is he ends up becoming the number one target on the Blacklist. Great show!

  • Samantha Davilla

    I love James Spader he is so sexy I think about him all the time and Megan Boone is awesome she does a great job I love the blacklist