Jennifer Aniston Catches Justin Theroux Cheating With Liv Tyler: Their Intimate Coziness Forced Jen Over The Edge!

Jennifer Aniston Catches Justin Theroux Cheating With Liv Tyler: Their Intimate Coziness Forced Jen Over The Edge!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s relationship has been the subject of much scrutiny for a while now, particularly their tortoise-like speed in planning their wedding. For many people out there, this mysterious (but much talked about) wedding has become a bit of a myth, and we’ll believe the couple is serious about marriage when we get official word that they’ve said I DO. But we might not be hearing those words anytime soon, as a recent report published in the recent edition of Life & Styles claims that Jennifer caught Justin getting a bit too close to Liv Tyler. Whoopsie.

Apparently, Justin and Liv were getting cozy with one another, which hurled Jennifer into a rage. “She went off on Justin and grilled him over the nature of his relationship with Liv,” a source (and so-called friend) reveals to the mag. “She seems to view Liv as the other woman — and she can’t stand her.”

Uh oh! Do you think this news is true? Is Justin Theroux cheating? Honestly, we’ve always thought Justin’s character to be a bit tricky to discern. There are some days when we feel like Justin wouldn’t do anything in the world to hurt lovely Jen; there are other days when we feel like he totally has what it takes to be a lying, cheating douchebag.

What are your thoughts on the matter, especially in regards to Justin’s overall character? Is he a good guy who would never cheat on Jen, and who’s yet another celeb being victimized by the media?

Here’s to hoping Jen and Justin get their priorities figured out and take the plunge already. We’re not saying people need to get married to be happy, but OMG . . . we’re just tired of hearing about their so-called wedding news and just want it to be over and done with already! Yikes!

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  • Jan

    She won’t leave him until after George Clooney’s wedding where she gets to see Brad and then gets to try and get his attention to prove to herself that he’s still attracted to her. She will flirt and try to get a reaction from Angie. She used John Mayer and got him to date her for the Oscars after they broke up cuz she didn’t want to be alone in front of Brad and Angelina. John was used and Justin is being used.

  • Jan

    Justin hasn’t done anything. It’s Jen’s insecurities which are always the problem for everyone.

  • ChristophEnglund

    OMFG Liv Tyler looks HOT !! I´d marry her in a second , she´s way hotter than Anniston

  • Tom2356

    Liv Tyler is younger , hotter and natural !! Stunning woman , i wouldn´t blame Justin if he dumped Anniston for her … Also she has an awesome dad to boot !!


    Anniston is needy , boring and she´s not that beautiful … Tyler on the other hand is STUNNING , omg look at those blue eyes , that Justin guy just scored big time with Liv

  • FlynnMatthews

    Liv Tyler is younger , hotter and waaaay more beautiful than Anniston , i wouldn´t blame that Justin guy at all

  • Draven77654

    Jennifer Anniston seems to be a very insecure and needy woman , Tyler on the other hand is beautiful ,classy and younger . I understand why he wanted to switch it up :) Liv´s blue eyes are gorgeous !

  • JoshuafromLiverpool

    Live Tyler looks like a million dollars , the woman is beautiful !! I´d marry her in a second !! Jennifer Anniston is quite boring and not that great on the looks department either . I´d go for Liv as well

  • janice

    really u people believe this writers story i have a bridge to sell u that expands over the Atlantic ocean i am sure one off u wants to buy it if u believe every thing these people write. and stop being envious of a beautiful woman that has it all men money and looks , go look in the mirror and then criticize others only the usa and uk people are so mean mouthed to other women, no wonder men call u bitches u cannot wish another women happiness because u are all bitter rejected women and men .

  • jansa

    hey bitter rejected women and men I have a bridges to sell u that extends across the Atlantic ocean seeing that you believe this story do not all rush to make a offer.. what alot of bitter unhappy people that criticize a beautiful woman they do not know and wish her bad luck as for the writer of this article if i was Liv Tyler i would sue u for making me out to be a hoe and cheap woman that needs to take other womens men

  • jansa

    were is my comment taken down because the truth hurts u are all bitter men and women. now leave this comment up if u have the guts

  • JamesLarsonn

    Let´s face it Jennifer , Liv´s hotter than you and with no diva complex .

  • Conan19837

    Boy , Liv Tyler is hot , Justin is doing a smart trade . Anniston is quite bland actually


    Liv Tyler and Angelina Jolie are the ultimate hot babes , Anniston ain´t got a dime on them . Liv ftw !

  • RonnieAggio

    So the guy goes to work and plays buddy buddy with one of the most gorgeous chicks alive , don´t worry Jen , you´re just boring and flat while Liv Tyler is stunning and hot Justin is a Lucky mofo

  • Mary

    My heart skips a bit everytime i see Liv on screen and i´m a straight girl , no wonder Justin is falling for her , the woman is drop dead gorgeous

  • Billywhey

    Jennifer has never been beautiful , she was a bore in Friends and seems to be a very ugly person on the inside as well . Liv Tyler simply rocks my socks , that Lady got the looks and the personality , Justin is getting laid pretty well if he´s with her

  • Mikethemoviefan

    I´d dump Anniston in a second if Liv just looked at me , what a hot piece of a#@$ she is , the lady is so beautiful is not even funny

  • Mikethemoviefan

    Jennifer is pretty and all but if these rumors are true then her boyfriend is gone . Liv Tyler is like perfection in its purest form , Thank you Steven Tyler

  • ManiacJoe

    Why is this guy with Anniston when he has Liv Tyler on the trigger right now , i wish i could shake his hand and compliment him ´cause Liv Tyler is just hot hot hot !! It´s a damn hot piece of a@#$%

  • DavidWebster

    Jennifer , you´re not that great looking , boring , needy while Liv Tyler puts the H in hotness . Just do the match Rachel !!

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