Jennifer Garner Pregnant With Fourth Child – Hiding Baby Bump – Ben Affleck Delighted? (PHOTO)

Jennifer Garner Pregnant With Fourth Child - Hiding Baby Bump - Ben Affleck Delighted? (PHOTO)

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck just celebrated another wedding anniversary, making them a rarity in Hollywood. Most celebrity couples don’t make it nearly as long as they have but that doesn’t mean that it has been easy. In recent years there have been stories of discord between the two with everything from Ben’s addictions to Jen’s jealousy over his career taking precedence over family time piled onto the heap of problems. Things recently were looking pretty rough amid stories that Ben has partied so hard that he had to be carried to the car by his friends while Jen was home wrangling their three kids.

Somewhere along the way these two have reportedly patched things up a bit. It’s no secret that they have been seeing a marriage counselor and now, according to the Aug. 11th print edition of OK! Magazine baby number four may be on the way. While Jen has in the past seemed overwhelmed with their 3 kids (probably because her life is wrapped around them) she has mentioned Ben wanting more.

Perhaps part of getting on steady ground means another baby with a commitment from Ben to be more hands on in the family. Or else this could be a band aid baby — something that there seems to be a lot of lately in Hollywood. We all know that babies rarely fix things but that doesn’t stop people from hoping that it will.

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