Jennifer Lawrence Phone Hack 4chan Nude Photos, Explicit Videos: FBI Investigates – Hacker Leaves JLaw, Others Victims

Jennifer Lawrence Phone Hack 4chan Nude Photos, Explicit Videos: FBI Investigates - Hacker Leaves JLaw, Others Victims

A hacker posting on 4chan was able to access and hack into several phones of celebrities, gaining access to their private photos and videos as well! CDL already reported to you that Jennifer Lawrence’s phone was one of many hacked into through an Apple iCloud leak. Jennifer Lawrence not only had several nude pictures in her phone (60!), but also sex videos, and her privacy has now been compromised with both nude photos and explicit videos that were on her phone. BuzzFeed has shared that Lawrence’s rep has since confirmed the authenticity of the photos, which were posted on 4chan, a photo sharing site, by the hacker.

While Victoria Justice has claimed her photos were not authentic, Mary E Winstead was sickened to know that photos she deleted years ago were somehow found and leaked. BuzzFeed shared that there is a master list going around including JLaw that contains all the celebrities who were allegedly victimized by the hacker breaking into Apple iCloud. Beyond those already reported such as Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, and Kate Upton, the list includes Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Mary Kate Olsen, Amber Heard, and Cara Delevigne to name just a few. Ariana Grande’s rep denied that the photos were authentic. BuzzFeed posted screen shots from the hacker:

At this time, only JLaw’s rep, Winstead, Ariana Grande and Justice have commented on the leak. Surely there will be more celebs commenting on this massive attack of their privacy. When will these celebs learn to stop taking and keeping nude photos on their phone?!

We’ll keep you posted as new information comes in.

Update: The FBI is on the case! After all what could be more serious that celebs getting their phones hacked?

Image Credit: FameFlynet Jennifer Lawrence not nude pic


8 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence Phone Hack 4chan Nude Photos, Explicit Videos: FBI Investigates – Hacker Leaves JLaw, Others Victims”

  1. Guest says:

    The last sentence of this article reads “when will celebs learn to stop taking and keeping und pictures on their phone?”

    The issue I have with this…it’s their phone and they can do as they wish with it. It’s not the fault of the victim when their privacy is invaded.

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  4. zerocool says:

    Who the eff is Jennifer Lawrence? I mean I can top this crap. I hacked Jennifer Aniston’s webcam and jerk it nightly to her getting splunkered by the fonz aka her d-bag looking boyfriend. Damn my meat is raw from the abuse. PayPal me for full access…………is joke, put down the phone or explain to the FBI that you’re a moron and believe everything you read on the internet.

  5. Thadeus Finkle says:

    They will never learn. It’s the new Playboy spread, and gossip spreads faster. They all want to be naughty girls, this just let’s them do it and still feel like a virgi

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  7. KatieBaybee says:

    The fact that these people would have nudes of themselves on their phones is strange. Yes , I get the whole “it’s their phone they can do what they want” but really? Having nudes of youself on your phone for just yourself. weird. Maybe they get off to their own nude photos.

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