Will Melissa Rivers Take Mother, Joan Rivers, Off of Life Support – Daughter’s Terrifying Decision

Will Melissa Rivers Take Mother, Joan Rivers, Off of Life Support - Daughter's Terrifying Decision

Melissa Rivers’ world has been turned upside down in a matter of a couple days, as on Thursday, her mother, the legendary Joan Rivers, was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during throat surgery. As CDL reported, Joan, 81, was at a clinic having surgery on her vocal cords, when she stopped breathing. At one point, her heart reportedly stopped beating.

Joan’s look-alike daughter, Melissa, rushed to New York to be with her mother and has released statements that her mother was “resting comfortably,” and another telling Rivers’ fans how much their support and kind words would mean to her mother. As we reported to our CDL readers, Rivers is on life support and is completely reliant on the machines to stay alive. Given the tragic circumstances, the family will have the difficult decision of deciding on whether or not to turn off the life support in a couple days if there has not been a miraculous improvement to her condition. Rivers was initially put in  a medically-induced coma after arriving at Mount Sinai Hospital on Thursday.

Now, Melissa is devastated but is trying her best to remain hopeful that her condition will improve and she won’t be left to make, what would likely be, the most difficult decision of her life..whether or not to take her mother off life support. The two have been extremely close, and have worked together on-screen and off for years. Melissa is reliant on Joan for so many things, and they are so close. If Joan were to be taken off life support, it would completely destroy Melissa , as she would be filled with regret that she was never able to say goodbye to her mother. Melissa understands her mother has only so much time left, but she knows that Joan is a strong woman who likely had many years left. At this point, she has no plans to take her mom off life support, and doesn’t even want to talk or think about that possibility as she is refusing to believe that there is a chance her mother’s condition won’t improve.

While she is remaining hopeful for now, and family members are rallying to be with Melissa and her son as they closely monitor Joan’s status, family and friends know there is a very strong possibility Joan won’t pull out of this given her age and grave condition. No one is proposing any “what-if’s” to Melissa for now, but friends and family are prepared to be there for her should she be faced with making the decision to take her mom off life support. Melissa, meanwhile, is refusing to think her mom will not pull through, but may very soon be faced with a devastating reality that she may not have her mom around any longer. Life support is typically meant to maintain the patient’s life long enough for the body to return to a life-sustaining level of function. The doctors will likely speak with Melissa in the next couple of days if they believe Joan will not survive without the assistance of life support.

We will keep you posted on Joan’s condition and, of course, update you on Melissa’s painful decision should she need to make the difficult choice of ending her mother’s life in a couple days.  In the meantime, tell us what you think. If faced with making a decision, what do you think Melissa will do?

Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa – Courtesy FameFlynet

  • Mel

    On the one hand, Joan has been very very vocal about not wanting to be able to work and live a full life. What a situation to be in. On the other hand, as a member of a family with two doctors in it, I think I would wait the maximum, get a second opinion, aggressively give any medication or nourishment suggested to do the maximum, stay right beside her and keep talking to her. I would do the absolutely most most most, because I have heard that families who do things like that sometimes have miraculous results, and then Joan would be so grateful. I would hire as many people I need to pull that off. I personally know of a family that decided to wait the longest time suggested — the husband had no brain activity really —- and he is completely functional now. And continues to work and function well as a elementary school principal, a fairly time consuming and demanding job.

  • Elise

    I’m not sure what Melissa would do. It’s an awful decision. Joan was such a vibrant larger than life personality. I don’t think she herself would want to stay on life support for long. However, for a shorter period of time maybe she could bounce back if left on life support for a month or two. I feel simply terrible and depressed that this unforeseen complication occurred to such a wonderful talented woman. I love listening to her and watching her tv show with Melissa. I feel all medical procedures, no matter how simple should be preformed in a hospital when you’re over age 65. I was only 52 when I got a punctured colon from a routine colonoscopy. It was also just done in a medical center, not a hospital. The nurse drove me in their car a few blocks away to the hospital emergency room. I almost died. Forget about 65, maybe ALL medical procedures should be done in a hospital! My thoughts & prayers are with you Joan Rivers.

  • Jerseygirl

    How sad, I love her! She is an icon. Hope she pulls thru. Prayers for her & Missy…

  • Becky

    As a member of the media I can state that we are all pulling for Joan. Not everything is about the media being evil and just focusing on “the next story.” Some of us are huge fans and have the utmost compassion for the family.

  • joe smith

    Actually, not “everything” being reported is speculation. There has been plenty of information that has been verified and is out there thanks to the media.

  • joe smith

    I don’t know if Melissa will read your post either, but I sure thought it was nice. Thanks for leaving such a heartfelt post.

  • joe smith

    Why do people feel a need to be so negative? No one knows what’s really going on with her situation, so you really can’t be certain and make that kind of statement.

  • joe smith

    Your post is inspiring. Thanks…