Julia Roberts’ Oscar Campaign Destroyed: Nancy Motes’ Fiance’s Brother Conner Dilbeck Claims Suicide Planned

Julia Roberts' Oscar Campaign Destroyed: Nancy Motes' Fiance's Brother Conner Dilbeck Claims Suicide Planned

It’s difficult to believe that Nancy Motes would have killed herself just to prevent Julia Roberts from winning another Oscar, but that’s what Nancy’s fiance’s brother is alleging.

Conner Dilbeck, brother of John Dilbeck [who was engaged to Nancy], reportedly told the Mail Online that Nancy understood her suicide would be a huge blow to Julia’s Oscar campaign, and that she undertook her attempt on her own life with that knowledge. Is this guy seriously comparing a suicide to an Oscar campaign getting ruined? How are the two even in the same realm of consequences?

Anyway, Conner reportedly stated, “We are talking about people who are powerful; people who have very delicate power, people who are in the limelight. Their power can be destroyed very easily if unfortunate things make them look more wicked. They have to be careful, it can destroy their career or their Academy Award.” 

Is it just me, or did John’s entire family seem to hate Julia? Conner also took to Facebook to expand on his comments, writing, “Nancy was driven to Take her Life yesterday because of the Pure Cruelty of her Sister, Julia Roberts (yes Ms. Pretty Woman herself), that has done everything in her power to Ruin her and my brothers lives. Nancy wanted the Truth to come out. and she was Willing to Die to get her point across.”

This is turning into quite a mess, isn’t it? There were also reports that came out yesterday about Nancy’s suicide note, and a large part of it was apparently blaming Julia for her death. Whether it’s true or not, that’s a huge burden to live with for the rest of your life, and Julia will have to bear it. However, sources also add that it wasn’t just Julia’s rejection that drove Nancy to this point, but also the rejection from her entire family, including her parents and her other siblings.

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