Julia Roberts Claims She’s ‘Heartbroken’ Over Half-Sister Nancy Motes’ Suicide – Trying to Repair Mean Girl Image

Julia Roberts Claims She's 'Heartbroken' Over Half-Sister Nancy Motes' Suicide - Trying to Repair Mean Girl Image

Back in early February Julia Roberts’ half sister, Nancy Motes was found dead of an overdose with suicide notes on site. It brought an end to years of a painful relationship between the two women. After trying to bridge the gap Nancy had all but given up on ever finding herself in Julia’s good graces and so she had vented to the press about how Julia isn’t exactly a sweetheart.  Instead she reportedly spent years making fun of Nancy for her weight problem and even when she underwent drastic surgery to look better Julia still made it perfectly clear that Nancy was not welcome in her life.

After two months of silence Julia is finally beginning to talk about Nancy’s death, just a little bit. She recently told WSJ that the whole situation has been heartbreaking for the entire family and that there aren’t really words to explain how the whole grieving process has felt. Julia of course doesn’t mention how nonexistent her relationship with Nancy actually was or how her half sister had taken to Twitter in the months before her suicide to express her deep pain and anger over the relationship. Julia does however want us all to understand that the grief was bad enough to keep her out of much of award season.

I have to wonder if it’s grief or guilt that is now eating away at the A-lister. On some level she has to feel even partially responsible for pushing Nancy further off the cliff rather than getting her some help, right? Do you buy the image of herself as the girl-next-door that Julia tries to sell us on? Or do you think that she’s actually more of a mean girl and no one knew it better than Nancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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