Justin Bieber Shares Loving Selena Gomez Instagram Picture But Quickly Deletes It – They’re Dating Again! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber Shares Loving Selena Gomez Instagram Picture But Quickly Deletes It! (PHOTO)

We’ve been saying that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been back together for weeks now, but we’ve finally got proof. Justin uploaded a picture of himself and Selena cuddling on Instagram yesterday, with the caption, “Our love is unconditional.”

Of course, he deleted the post immediately, realizing that he was causing the fans to have a meltdown. I think this pretty much confirms the fact that Justin and Selena are dating again, even after Justin supposedly cheated on Selena at Coachella. We all thought that Selena might finally be getting over Justin, especially as she dropped him from Instagram and seemed intent on getting her life back on track. Unfortunately, she and Justin seem to hold some sort of sick draw for each other, one which isn’t benefiting either of them.

Selena’s public image will continue to crawl down the drain if she keeps dating Justin, but she also seems to have massive self-esteem issues that prevent her from moving on. Justin, on the other hand, is using Selena as a crutch for his own behavior, running back to her every single time he messes up. I don’t know if he thinks that getting back together will magically repair his reputation, but he’s certainly not on the right track.

We expect better of you, Selena! In the end, that’s what it’s about, right? Here are two kids who have been in an on-again/off-again relationship since they were teenagers, one that’s not only destructive but damaging to their self-esteem and their personal lives. And yet, they can’t stop themselves from going back to each other. Ah, young love and stupidity – what a combination.

Selena’s relationship with her close friends and family will no doubt suffer as she continues to date Justin, but one can hope that she comes to her senses sooner rather than later and dumps the Biebs for good.

Image credit to Justin Bieber/Instagram