Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Dating Hookup in Canada at Birthday Party – They’re Back Together!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Dating Hookup in Canada at Birthday Party - They're Back Together!

What kind of spell does Justin Bieber have Selena Gomez under that, even after everything he’s done, she still keeps going back to him? By now, he’s cheated on her, lied to her face, flirted with other girls, and proved himself to be a racist, spoiled, entitled little brat. And yet, Selena can’t seem to stop herself from going back to him, again and again.

We really thought that the last time they broke up, it would be the *last* time. It was clearly a rough breakup, as evidenced by Selena unfollowing Justin on Instagram right after their Coachella weekend. But here we are just months later, and Selena and Justin might already be spending time together.

Victoria Nosko tweeted on June 8th, “Had a awesome b day weekend. Thanks to @ErinWagner @JeremyBieber @justinbieber @selenagomez @CrazyKhalil had a blast!!” Of course, she tried backtracking literally seconds later, claiming that she never meant to include Selena in the tweet, but rather Justin’s mother.

Uh-huh. It’s hard to believe that she mistook Selena’s name for Pattie Mallette‘s, especially since the two names don’t even sound similar. It’s more than likely that she typed the tweet, and then realized that she would be inundated by fans about the meaning of the tweet. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was probably under strict instructions from Selena and Justin to keep their reunion quiet, but the cat’s out of the bag now.

We’ll probably find out soon enough if Justin and Selena are back together for good. Right now, we’ve gotten some pretty good indications that they are, especially if you take into consideration Justin ‘liking’ Selena’s selfie a couple of days ago. I don’t think he would have had the guts to do that if he knew she still hated him. But seriously, Selena, why do you do this to yourself?

That girl needs a better team around her, one that actually prevents her from making these kinds of asinine decisions.

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6 responses to “Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Dating Hookup in Canada at Birthday Party – They’re Back Together!”

  1. jj says:

    These two kids belong together let them be.

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  3. JD says:

    No Selena needs to have some self-respect and realize that she deserves to be treated in a particular manner.The people around her cannot stop her from making these decisions . she is a grown woman and needs divine deliverance. She is a disgrace (used to like her and was sympathetic towards her initially) and needs to stop making bieber feel like a god and that he can have his cake and eat it too.Shame on her, 1 time fine, twice , ok, three times, growing pains, but four, five, six , seven and so on times, seriously, after all that emotional trauma. What she needs to do is stop fooling herself with all the “taking my power back” and ” i’m done” crap. They are perfect for each other,when he hurts her again , she deserves it. No wonder Taylor Swift and her are not that close anymore, selena is not even trying, how can you be friends with someone like that? who keeps playing with fire despite getting burned? i know i couldn’t. All this bullshit about being independent is such crap,she is so weak and pathetic. Ladies and girls , please do not follow selena’s horrible example and do not allow any man to control, you and be able to at any moment pop back into your life and control it, they revel in that kind of shit and love the power that the exercise and continue to exercise over you. In other words they love knowing that they will always have that kind of power and influence over you no matter how much time passes. I know it can be very hard to move on from an intensely passionate “first love”, but do not allow any man to embarrass you and even worse continue to embarrass you after he has shown you and in selena’s case the world his true colours. Be strong and independent women and young ladies, who are resilient and do not look towards a man or anyone for that matter, for validation. It is disgraceful and pathetic and it was not meant to be that way.

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