Selena Gomez Hates Justin Bieber for Pregnancy Rumors and Substance Abuse Rehab Problems

Selena Gomez Hates Justin Bieber for Pregnancy Rumors and Substance Abuse Rehab Problems

Justin Bieber has become publicity poison for anyone he spends time with lately, and that includes his poor ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Selena has been in the media a lot lately, and all for the wrong reasons. She went to Nepal and did some humanitarian work, but the media would only focus on her desire to get away from Justin. She went to London and was spotted at a Katy Perry concert, but everyone only focused on the fact that she was out with Cara Delevingne, a noted party animal.

Plus, we also have the rumors of Selena having gotten pregnant and then getting an abortion, which would fit in with her rehab timeline. Then, there was her highly publicized fight with her parents, not counting the number of ‘sources’ close to Selena that keep speaking to the tabloids about her non-stop partying. It’s been pretty obvious that Selena has been slipping off the rails recently, and unfortunately, there’s no one to stop her. The [alleged] pregnancy, the rehab visit, the partying, the drugs, the bad influences. When did it all start? How did Disney’s most promising and seemingly down-to-earth star become such tabloid fodder?

Well, we can thank Justin Bieber for that. Like I said, he’s kryptonite to everyone he touches, and Selena’s no exception. Her career and personal life seemed to be going very well until she got back together with him, and that’s when things started spiraling out of control. The drugs, the partying, hanging around a bad crowd, having to make a pit stop at rehab, cutting herself off from close friends and family – the whole thing has become a mess of epic proportions. And poor Selena has to not only face her inner demons, but those of the media’s as well. It should be a public service announcement to all of Hollywood [and really, everyone in LA] – see ladies, this is what dating Justin Bieber will get you.

Who else sees Selena Gomez in this song?

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  2. Mysterious-me says:

    Justin might not be the reason why this is happening to Selena, there’s a possibility he isn’t however, i doubt he is a ‘good person’

  3. David Conway says:

    i just think that i should be more careful just what say on line internet right now , but i like selena gomez , well being you know , david

  4. Kimberly Lawrence says:

    HE IS BEING BAD!! EVEN WITHOUT SELENA HE IS AND HAS BEEN BAD!! ANYBODY IN HERE A LIL “CO-DEPENDANT LATELY?” I haven’t seen Selena egging houses, hanging with a wannabe gang posse, in jail for DUI, RESISTING ARREST, BEATING SOMEONE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD, HANGING WITH DRUGGER’S LIKE LIL ZA… AND DON’T SAY HE’S NOT A DRUGGER AND BAD INFLUENCE ON JUSTIN THE BASTARD WAS CAUGHT WITH DRUGS IN HIS ROOM AT JUSTIN’S HOUSE! Listen I was married to someone for 11 years just like Justin, started he smokes pot, then the druggie friends come because they gravitate to people with $$$! We had money from our business we owned. Then the druggie whore’s after that run ins with cops and legal system! He was just like Justin! I was never on drugs , came from christian home etc….. we fought over his life style choices, we had three children, all of what you see with Justin and Selena only she was smart enough to get out early!! And have no kids by him! The lies, the drugs, the cheating, the law are all what my X did, just like Justin and his THUGS! I speak from experience and living in a horrid marriage because of HIS CHOICES until I DIVORCED HIS NO GOOD ASS! I’m sick of ignorant people blaming Selena for Justins choices he makes! And sick of all you “young kids thinking you know it ALL, WHEN YOU HAVE PROBABLY NEVER MET EITHER OF THEM, AND NEVER WILL! MOSTLY YOU HAVE NOT LIVED LONG ENOUGH OR HAD THE CHANCE TO BE “the wife/girlfriend in a committed relationship that involves an ADDICT where the innocent person gets blamed for the ADDICTS problems! ITS CALLED DENIAL! THAT’S WHAT ALL OF YOU BELIEBER’S SUFFER FROM! ALL WHILE JYSTIN MAKES A KILLING OFF YOU’RE PARENTS FEEDING INTO AND BUYING HIS SHIT FOR YOU! I WAS A FAN, BUT QUICKLY CHANGED THE MINUTE HE WENT INTO ACTING AND DOING THE BAD SHIT HE’S DOING! I FEEL MOSTLY SAD FOR SELENA! I KNOW HOW SHE FEELS! BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! YOU LOVE THEM AS THEY USED TO BE, BUT NOW THEY ARE A MONSTER THAT REFUSES TO CHANGE FOR ANYONE!….. GET SMART PEOPLE! I SURE DID LONG TIME AGO! 3 KIDS, 11 YEARS OF MARRIAGE, AND MAJOR TRUST ISSUES WHERE I NEVER REMARRIED AGAIN DUE TO THE HURT AND BS I WENT THROUGH!

    • Rubin Lenar says:

      …and why? Cuz he can’t make decisions for himself and rely on the ones around him. I didn’t say he was not bad but declaring someone bad over having sex with models is not intelligent on their behalf. Plus in no way did I ever say he was good and I’m sorry for what you went through.

    • Selenator says:

      I agree with Kimberly bit why are you so mad you a mother so act like one and stop saying bad words be responsible and I’m a more Selena Gomez fan than you’ll ever be so I feel bad for her to I agree the part you said we don’t see her egging houses hanging our with bums Justin your 20 years old so act like one you have a long life ahead of you so please stop being mean people if you want more fans to love you look at selena she’s a beautiful young lady she doesn’t do bad stuff so stop all the bad stuff!

  5. Kimberly Lawrence says:

    You need to get you’re ass back in school and learn how to spell and talk properly! And you are here thinking we would “BELIEB” what you say?? ROFL! REALLY?

  6. Angel says:

    Schaible is right yall making her life mess up always taking pics she would be embrassed to sing or do anything in public ashoes

  7. Mirela says:

    Delusional stupid Selena fan, you are. Where are your parents? How old are you? 12-13? Gosh. Go play with your barbies instead.

    • Rubin Lenar says:

      Actually, in the society we are in today. Most of the girls in this age group are either interested in all those explicit and inappropriate bs or their future hubbies.

    • Jammy J says:

      No selenator has a point. The burden of proof is on your end. Taking drugs? Prove it. Being pregnant and having a miscarriage? Show me the evidence.

      Unless you have something all of this pretty much just made up fan fiction.

  8. Angel says:

    First Justin Bieber My Big Fan And I Dont Complain If Somebody Has A Bad Comment Boo

  9. Angel says:


  10. Angel says:

    who are u

  11. MaryDtn9 says:

    We are constantly bombarded with Media Lies and Hater BS.
    Selena said I will get back with Justin when he proposes! Silly Girl!
    Selena said if I can’t have Justin I want no man. Not a healthy sign!
    It’s not my fault. He made me do it. He lied to me. She is in denial!
    It’s time our over rated princess was held accountable for her actions!
    Selena has been drinking and doing drugs without Justin for years!
    Selena’s problems have nothing to do with Justin! Take ownership SG
    If Selena avoids professional support her problems will only get worst!
    Jelena; a Romeo and Juliette tragedy, in real time! THIS WILL END BADLY!

  12. layla says:

    Actually selena should get away from jb so its not jb fault its selena fault

  13. Selena141 says:

    Shut up, Justin is a complete asshole, Selena deserves so much better, he thinks he is some untouchable God, when in reality he is a wannabe gangster with the mentality of a child, don’t you dare say anything about Selena, she is amazing, you are a jerk.

  14. Jammy J says:

    “Plus, we also have the rumors of Selena having gotten pregnant and then getting an abortion, which would fit in with her rehab

    No proof and your sources here are shady at best.

    “It’s been pretty obvious
    that Selena has been slipping off the rails recently, ”

    Again no proof on your end.

  15. Jammy J says:

    And you do? The proof is on your end mother fucker.

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  18. Lana says:

    Actually she has been to rehab for doing drugs just saying

    • Selenator says:

      I know she’s been to rehab but not for drugs why would she do that get your facts straight!

  19. Selenator says:

    First of all she doesn’t take drugs second of all it is Justin’s fault he’s the one that makes her do bad stuff and she doesn’t hang around drugies, drugies is not even a real word!

  20. Selenator says:

    I agree with niveditaa why are we doing and saying all this let them live their own life we shouldn’t care about their lives but in a way we care about them so maybe we should stop the hate they have feelings too ????

  21. Selenator says:

    Justin is not sexy selena is the best thing she’s awesome at least she doesn’t go to jail like some people and yes I do have a problem with it and no one would put their phone number online that’s stupied do you have a brain maybe you should watch the news and see how bad Justin is !????

  22. Selenator says:

    I know what it means and NO SHE DOESN’T DON’T YOU PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!????