Kanye West Spotted With Mystery Woman in Paris – Dumps Kim Kardashian and Flees After Beating Defenseless18-Year-Old Boy (PHOTOS)

Kanye West Spotted With Mystery Woman in Paris - Dumps Kim Kardashian and Flees After Beating Defenseless18-Year-Old Boy (PHOTOS)

Kanye West is a real class act isn’t he? After pummeling the crap out of an 18-year old in front of countless witnesses earlier this week he went on to show us what a real man he is, by fleeing to Paris. Seriously, Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy defended her honor by beating down the guy that supposedly threatened her life and once things started getting a bit toasty, Kanye did what he always does, he left. You know, kind of like he did when Kim was pregnant?

Kanye has a big mouthy and serious anger issues but you better believe if he finds himself locked up on assault charges for any length of time he’ll be crying like the sissy that he really is. So he is currently in Paris and was photographed earlier today with some random chick looking happier than he has in a long time. That’s probably because all of his problems and responsibilities are an ocean away!

Seriously though, Kanye bailed out leaving Kim to deal with an even more rabid paparazzi that want more answers than ever. This means that their daughter is more at risk because if she should be with Kim when the vultures are moving in she could be accidentally hurt. Wouldn’t a good father and boyfriend be more protective of his family now? Instead this idiot left the country, yet again. Do you think that he’s afraid that he’ll be arrested and that’s why he fled to France? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • BEAM

    Like Kanye is into women anyway?

    • DuchessLazy

      That’s about what I was going to say. Too bad Kim didn’t find a straight guy. I’m not even sure why I’m commenting -! They’re all nuts.

  • Angel 2009

    Kanye runs off to Paris to have some comforting “us” time with Ricardo. KImmode frantically works Twitter in an effort to placate her dwindling fan base – planning pap walks to the gym and shopping and half naked Photoshopped selfies to appease her need for attention. Meanwhile, little IgNori is being cared for by nannies and blissfully unaware that she is considered to be nothing more than a photo op / attention grab by the two most important people in her life.

    • Kilee

      she’s meeting him there idiot

      • Angel 2009

        Oh look everyone! A Kim Kardashian fawning fan with the I.Q. of Porn Ho’s butt measurement has deigned to grace this board with her juvenile intelligence and lack of vocabulary.

        • thebutcher

          Let the incessant use of hater start in 3……2…..1…..

  • Rebecca

    Why don’t they hire bodyguards so this stuff doesn’t happen?

  • bohomoth

    Kante’s truly pathetic isn’t he?

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  • Kilee

    You are so dumb. Kim is meeting him in Paris. She already left. She had an Ellen taping.

  • Brandon

    This person who wrote this article is a moron. “A big mouthy” sounds like a 5 year old wrote this article. Also who cares what hes doing most of us dont even have our finances and jobs safe; therefore, we have no room to speculate on others lives.