Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Set Up Kanye West To Beat Up Harmless 18-Year-Old Boy – Want Genius in Jail

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Set Up Kanye West To Beat Up Harmless 18-Year-Old Boy - Want Genius in Jail

Poor Kim Kardashian. Geez, you make a porn video and build your career off sex and some random teenager calls you a slut?! What is the world coming to?! Ladies, if your boyfriend, fiancé, significant other was already in legal hot water for his aggressive temper, would you knowingly send him after a teenager who called you a name, encouraging him to pummel the little guy? Any woman with a brain knows that that would surely lead to more trouble for their betrothed, so what gives? Most women would steer their man in the opposite direction, blowing off the ugly comment. After all, it came from an 18 year old! Does anyone really think that is the first time Kim has been called a name? Being so deeply tied to the limelight, you’d think her skin would be a little thicker right now… her booty sure is.

Remember, the Kardashians are a family that calculates everything. Kris Jenner is at the steering wheel and knows exactly how to direct her little moneymakers to 1) make money, 2) get them in the spotlight, and 3) keep them happy and making more money for her. Kanye West is a big roadblock in her plan to keep Kim on her puppet strings. So how do you get a hot-headed, over-aggressive, law-breaking rapper who is already in the midst of a few scandals resulting from his volatile temper, away from your daughter? You set him up (not like you’d have to wonder if he’d take the bait)! Kris pays off people all the time. She loves the power.

An 18 year old who may have been offered a very handsome sum, would be one of the easiest payoffs she’s ever done. It wouldn’t take much to get an 18 year old to agree to make money and get in the spotlight, all for just making a couple ugly comments. Think about the amount of negative comments Kim hears or reads about herself. Was she really THAT offended that the kid called her a name? Offended enough to send her fiancé and father of her child into an office (where there were plenty of witnesses) to beat his ass? I really doubt it. And if you are not thick-skinned enough to be called a name by some ignorant KID, then how on earth are you able to stand watching a KID get beat up while unable to protect himself?

Remember, kids, she’s built a career off her porn video, reportedly has been involved in threesomes, and has cheated on two husbands… this isn’t a withering flower with thin skin. She was following mama Kris’ orders to set up Kanye, 36, by acting distraught over the comment and forcing Kanye to defend her. And what did that prove? Kim, do you feel better now that the kid was beaten as you watched and did nothing? You could care less because you got exactly what you wanted… Kanye fell right into the Kardashi-plan and did exactly what he should not have done.

If Kim truly loved Kanye, she certainly would not have wanted him to risk getting in trouble with the law over a trivial comment from some kid off the street. Case in point… she is not in love with Kanye, and doesn’t want to be around him. Lamar Odom has even said Kim joked that Kanye’s private parts smelled. If Kanye was out of the picture, Kim could get back to her love of being in the public eye. Kanye has been the force behind her new low profile and she doesn’t like it. Neither does Kris, 58, because her biggest money-maker is not going to make money being locked away at home.

Face it… we all know that Kanye feels much more for Kim than she feels towards him. He is the not “the one,” he is “the one she settled for” after the true love of her life Reggie Bush dumped her. Not Kris Humphries, not Kanye, no one can get her over her two true loves… the spotlight and Reggie Bush. Well, at least she can get one of those back if Kanye gets any time for this. He is currently under investigation for criminal battery. Kanye…how could you fall for the okie-doke? We thought you were much smarter than that. Well…I’m sure one or two people might have, anyway.

Kim is trying to show she is doing right by Kanye, telling police the boy threatened to kill her. Good one, Kim. Hopefully the police are not as stupid as your fans and realize that you only said that in an effort to look like you’re protecting your fiancé. First of all, while it might have made Kanye look a little better defending you if your life was really threatened, we don’t believe it was. Here is why: would you REALLY be scared of a tiny 18 year old man-child’s comments and then continue to sit in a waiting room with the deadly little boy? In any case it won’t help Kanye while facing a judge – Kanye’s brutal bullying attack was premeditated, retaliatory not defensive, and witnessed. But, I guess it does take the spotlight off the fact that this was all part of the plan Kris devised to get Kanye out of the picture for a while. Somewhere, Kris is sitting back, smiling and, of course, drinking.

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