Kate Gosselin Hit Son With a Spoon, Spies on Jon, Crazy House Rules – Nanny Details Monster Mom’s Behavior!

Kate Gosselin Hit Son With a Spoon, Spies on Jon, Crazy House Rules - Nanny Details Monster Mom's Behavior!

Kate Gosselin has been the recipient of some pretty bad press lately, but what’s even more disturbing is the nature of those stories. Kate’s old nanny gave an interview to E! Online about Kate’s ridiculous behavior, including banning her housekeeping staff from putting anything on the floor and forcing them to spy on Jon Gosselin.

She explained, “We always had to refer to the [house rules] manual because it listed her pet peeves. You couldn’t put anything on the ground. You had to put shoes in a certain spot. You couldn’t close doors loudly…”

Typical employer horror in Hollywood? Wait, it gets worse. She also adds that everyone was forced to listen on calls from Jon Gosselin, and then report the details back to Kate. Kate would pretend as though everything was just fine between her and Jon, even though she was making the help spy on him and follow his every word with her children.

Even then, it doesn’t get really bad until the nanny decided to leave. She tolerated as much as humanly possible, but she decided to quit after seeing Kate hit one of her younger sons with a spoon.

Yeah, so Kate Gosselin apparently abuses her children. There have been rumors about this for years, but since she has no compunctions in using her kids for her own gain, I suppose it’s not shocking that she also feels no hesitation in striking them when they’re not listening to her.

However, Kate should realize that her career is over after this. First of all, this interview was published on E!, which doesn’t take sides without doing their research. And second of all, child abuse is one of the few things that does NOT fly in Hollywood, no matter how famous or connected you are – and Kate is neither of those things. She may have relaunched her reality TV career in the hopes of landing more shows, but these allegations are just going to force networks to think twice before hiring her. Ostensibly, her career is over.