Kate Gosselin Demands Nanny Spy On Jon Gosselin’s Conversations With Her Kids – Of Course!

Kate Gosselin Demands Nanny Spy On Jon Gosselin's Conversations With Her Kids - Of Course!

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin continue to remain examples of what happens to washed-up reality stars after they fade from the spotlight. Long story short, they both try their best to cling to relevancy, including leaking stories about each other to the media.

This time, a ‘source’ [cough, Jon, cough] tells Radar Online that Kate is a horror employer, often telling her nannies to listen in on her children’s conversations with their father and take notes. Apparently, Kate is constantly telling the nannies, “ALWAYS listen with one ear to hear what they are saying. You are always my eyes and ears and need to report everything you see and hear!!!”

What are we, in some B-grade spy movie? Who says crap like that? Oh wait, I forgot that this Jon’s version of the truth. Of course he’s going to make it sound like Kate is the second coming of Cruella de Vil, even if the truth is not far off from what this ‘source’ states. I don’t doubt that Kate rules her house with an iron fist, and honestly, I’m willing to give her some leeway for that since she has eight kids to take care of. But at the same time, the nannies don’t seem to have had a great time serving under Kate.

One such babysitter explained, “Even if we had a conversation about nothing, I had to email her all the details. And I also had to keep a log of every time Jon returned the [shared] van to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!” Apparently, Kate forced them all to listen to Jon’s conversations with their kids, just so she’d have the upper hand in their never-ending feud.

Again – not surprising. Since these stories are getting corroborated by the actual workers, it turns out that Kate Gosselin really is a terrible boss. I know, this is brand new information – not. Seriously though, Jon and Kate deserve each other. I don’t even understand how they broke up, considering their shared interests in ensuring each other’s downfall and their penchant for famewhoring.

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