Kate Gosselin Sets Up Her Nannies For Failure With Impossible Rulebook – Tortures Them Emotionally!

Kate Gosselin Sets Up Her Nannies For Failure With Impossible Rule Book - Tortures Them Emotionally!

I think we all kind of figured that there’s good reason to feel sorry for anyone working for Kate Gosselin, but thanks to one former nanny, we now have proof. This former staff member not only got out with her wits intact, but she also took with her a copy of the Gosselin Family Manual which is Kate’s drill sergeant-like rule book.

According to the July 7th print edition of National Enquirer, Kate really has left no stone unturned in proving what a control freak she really is. Every little detail has been over thought and dictated with the expectation that all employees will follow every line to the letter.

Not only does Kate demand that shades remain open in the family room at all times and that nannies “listen with one ear” to all phone conversations that the kids have with their father, Jon Gosselin, but she also sets them up to fail. In one directive, Kate insists that purses and grocery bags are never to be placed on kitchen counters and that they belong on the floor.

She then goes on about hating clutter and keeping everything in its’ place and keeping the floors clear of anything that doesn’t belong on them. This particular nanny was sick of getting in trouble and realized that she was damned no matter what she did. She also stopped bringing a purse because it was one less thing to be yelled at for!

It’s not really surprising to hear that Kate has an instruction manual for her family, right? I mean, we have heard the horror stories of her control freak behavior for years and this is just more of the same. Do you think that she purposely sets her staff up for failure? Do you think she enjoys having a reason to flip on them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet