Kate Plus 8 Recap 6/26/14: Reunion Special “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 2”

Kate Plus 8 Recap 6/26/14:: Reunion Special “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 2”

TLC’s reality show KATE PLUS 8 airs tonight with special reunion episode.  Tonight’s special episode of the former must-watch reality family is called, “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 2”  On tonight’s episode it’s the second part of a special episode with the twins who are now 13, and the sextuplets are about to turn 10. Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel join their mother in this update about their life as a family today.

On the last episode throughout the special, Kate and the kids brought us up to speed on what had changed in the family – how the kids have grown, what their interests are now, and what the latest is on Kate’s life and career. We followed them as they went on family outings and planned spring break activities. The special also looked back at some of the most memorable and poignant family moments from the past several years, and highlighted what the day-to-day routine had been like for Kate and the kids since we last saw them. Viewers were also invited to the sextuplets’ 10th birthday, as Kate threw a carnival-themed party to celebrate the big milestone. Did you watch the last episode? Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Kate and the kids hustle to complete their party to-do list. Will Kate falter under the pressure of making this day memorable for the sextuplets or will the birthday extravaganza exceed expectations? Perhaps a birthday surprise will ensure its success.

We will be covering Kate Plus 8 tonight at 10 PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap.  Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details.


They’re getting ready for the big tenth birthday party. Kate is planning a cake and the big carnival. Kate says they are days away from the party. She’s got a huge carnival planned with games, big top tent, clown and foods. She says it’s down to putting it all together. She’s up early at 5:30 and says the kids get up around six and says she hates it and is going to come back in her next life as a kid or a pet. She plays with her bird.

Kate says they have alarm clocks but no one uses them so she yells up. She yells to all the kids and they yell back. Then they come pouring down the stairs. They have uniforms on for school and Kate rushes them around. She makes breakfast sandwiches and says Mady is texting a breakfast order. Kate says they text in the house all the time because it takes too long to find people.

The kids complain about their mom’s healthy cooking rules but say she is a good cook. Kate says the one routine that is always in place is getting ready for school. She says now they can run their morning routine on their own. The kids pile into the big bus for school. Mady complains about the projects and workload.

The boys say they think their mom sleeps and does errands while they’re at school. Kate says she had been running but then broke her foot and says she misses it and it was stress relieving. Kate is ready to go shopping for supplies for her big kid carnival. She has tents coming and goes to pick up plates and flatware. She loads a huge cart up of a ton of supplies. Kate says sometimes her life just feels like it’s too much.

She says many moms have the goal of just getting through the day. She says she struggles and sometimes cries behind closed doors. She says she has to remind herself it’s okay to make mistakes, but not to give up. Kate takes the kids shopping for clothes to get outfits for the party. They head to the mall. The kids pick outfits.

They ask the boys if they have GFs and they say that a girl was petting Colin’s hair at recess. Then they ask the girls about BFs and one says she hates love. Kate is happy that the kids all found outfits. She says Colin likes to dress like a businessman. The older girls are fussy and are criticizing them and Kate tries to shut them down. Mady thinks she’s doing them a favor telling them some of the choices are ugly.

Kate says they are now headed to the food court for dinner. Kate is planning a triple layer cake and is crushed for time. She’s thinking she was going to make the cake a tent. She’s nervous because she’s never made a triple layer cake. She’s got to pull them out, dress and run to get the kids. She notices hail on the way to the bus stop. There’s a huge storm rolling through.

Kate says that a bunch of the cars have their windshields busted out. She tells the kids to hurry and get in the van. A couple grab up some big hailstones and then hop in. She hustles them in saying she’s freaked out and that a new storm may come. Then the sun comes out and they head to the pet store. She says people were playing with the hail balls.

They are there to buy fish for the party. They buy a bunch of bettas. They pick out a bunch for carnival game prizes. She stops them at 14 though she had planned 20. As they are heading home, Kate says it feels real and she’s realizing how much she has to do and that it’s crunch time.

Kate says the next day was insane. It’s Friday, the day before the party. She’s decorating the cakes, making signs and getting the tent. She starts with the cake and is nervous. She ices the cake and her bird watches. She says she didn’t have a lot of faith but is imagining she can pull it off. Her layers are crooked and thinner than she envisioned. The cake is too short. Then the bird starts to wander onto the cake area and she has to move him out of the way.

Then she starts making stripes on the top and is stressed because she has no back-up plan. She’s two stripes in when the bird pounced onto the cake. She says he has never touched food before but he landed and took two big bites out. This sends Kate into a crying fit. She says he eats off their plates but can’t serve it to others.

She’s distracted when the tents come and brings a diagram out to them. She shows them where she wants them and says it’s flatter there. Then the truck shows up with the surprise. It’s a huge flatbed and she decided to hide it in the barn. Her BFF shows up then – Jamie – and she’s there to help. She says her life is hard to understand but says Jamie gets it. She says they have been through a lot and were even divorced at the same time.

She says she’s a true friend. The kids get home and they now have to make signs. They get on the patio because of rain and tells them to make each sign fast. She says there are letters to stick on and they just have to paint the backgrounds. She says Cara and Mady were actually helpful and the little kids were excited to paint. They are doing well but then a crazy wind blows up. The signs and letters are flying everywhere and a bunch go into the pool.

There are screams and the kids go running. Kate says the pool is going to be ruined and yells for them to shut the pool gate. They are scooping them out of the pool. Kate is insane and the kids think it’s funny. Kate says in their lives, there is drama always waiting. Kate says she is owed a perfect day for the party since the weather is so bad. They salvaged a bunch of the signs but now she’s worried about the party weather.

Kate is ready to throw up her hands and just go to bed and hope it goes better tomorrow. The bird cake is ruined for the party and she serves it to the kids. They eat cake and are excited about the party the next day. The kids all head off to bed.

On the party day, Kate is in panic mode. She wants a carnival cake and calls the local bakery and they said yes. She goes over early to pick it up and she thanks them for rescuing her. Back at home the kids are stuffing pinatas full of candy. Kate grabs a screwdriver and pokes another hole so it can go faster. Jamie says it’s going to be hot and that Kate was crazy for doing all this.

Kate wants to use the carnival stands from their third birthday and that’s a hassle. She’s running around and putting stuff together with Jamie. Kate says she’s glad Jamie is there. She says she couldn’t have done it without her. Then the balloon guy is there and then the bouncy house shows up. It’s getting closer to time and then Mady and Cara’s friends are there and that means there are just two hours left.

Kate has to go get ready and calls the older kids over to give them instructions before she goes to change. She says – let the carnival chaos begin. She comes out in her clown outfit and the kids say it’s creepy. She’s got a pink wig and a red nose. We see Kate in a big velcro outfit bouncing onto a wall. It’s cute – she asks them to leave her there so she can take a nap.

The kids say it’s their birthday and the party starts. Kate says she debated whether to wear the clown wig and says the little kids wanted her in it but Mady says it’s horrible and creepy. The younger kids say to never let your mom be a clown. She says the smells hit her – there is popcorn going, funnel cake and a bunch of other stuff. Jamie says it totally looks like a carnival. The other girls wear wigs and Kate says Mady’s friends love her but she insists they’re just scared of her.

The games star. The can toss is easy. The dart game is with darts and balloons. The basketball hoop game was a rental. They made pin the nose on the clown. The kids win tickets. Kate says the fish game was the most popular – it’s a ping pong toss into a bowl. Mady yells at the kids to pick up their ping pong balls. She’s tired of picking them up.

Kate is annoyed because her kids won four of five of the fish. Kate says no more live animals in the house. Kate says there’s a lot of people there and more to come. She says all the kids and parents seem happy. The velcro wall was something she hadn’t heard of but it sounded like a big kid fun thing. She says it was even more fun than she thought it would be.

We see her put into the velcro suit. She’s exhausted and says she doesn’t think she can jump. She bounces and jumps onto the wall. She says she loved it and would have left it there all day to play on. She says it’s comfortable. Then it’s pinata time. She says this was too much. She had given out so much sugar with the funnel cakes and then cotton candy. She lets each kid have one whack.

Finally, one kid breaks through and they all go scrambling for the sugar. Kate shakes it and more pours out on their heads. Then it’s cake time. She has the big bakery cake out and has the kids names on the cake in letter candles. Kate is lighting the candles but the song is going faster than her candle lighting and the candles are burning down fast.

They blow out the candles and Kate serves up cake and ice cream. She tells them to clear the driveway as the shuttle pulls up to take the guest back to the parking area. Kate says the measure of a party is how much fun everyone have and she says it was perfect. She lays in the yard and says she was taking a nap. Then she’s ready to reveal the big surprise.

She says she’s tired of walking and they all need to be able to ride sometimes. Mady and Cara come out on a Gator – it’s a tractor on the front and a cart on the back. The boys are excited because they can drive to get to the chickens. Each of the kids takes a turn driving it. She says this sent the party over the top into perfection. She wisely makes them wear riding helmets as they drive it.

We see a flashback to when the kids were much smaller. She says the grand parties aren’t to show off, but to the kids to have fun and says it’s a celebration of six very preemie babies that are perfect now. She says that’s worth celebrating in a humongous way. We see a party where the kids got to swim with dolphins. She says it’s worth her time, energy and money to celebrate this. That’s the end of #KatePlus8 for this year.