Kate Plus 8 LIVE Recap: Reunion Special “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 1”

Kate Plus 8 LIVE Recap: Reunion Special “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 1”

TLC’s reality show KATE PLUS 8 airs tonight with special reunion episode.  Tonight’s special episode of the former must-watch reality family is called, “Sextuplets Turn 10 Part 1”  On tonight’s episode it’s the first part of a special episode with the twins who are now 13, and the sextuplets are about to turn 10. Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel join their mother in this update about their life as a family today.

Kate and her husband Jon Gosselin use to have a very popular reality show called, Jon & Kate Plus 8.  After their bitter divorce the show ended and Kate continued on for two-season with Kate Plus 8 without Jon. Since the Kate Plus 8 cancellation Kate has been on Dancing with the Stars and she will soon be seen on Celebrity Apprentice.  This is the first time in two-years we will see the Gosselin clan together again.

On tonight’s episode throughout the special, Kate and the kids bring us up to speed on what’s changed in the family – how the kids have grown, what their interests are now, and what the latest is on Kate’s life and career. We follow them as they go on family outings and plan spring break activities. The special also looks back at some of the most memorable and poignant family moments from the past several years, and highlights what the day-to-day routine has been like for Kate and the kids since we last saw them. Viewers are also invited to the sextuplets’ 10th birthday, as Kate throws a carnival-themed party to celebrate the big milestone.

We will be covering Kate Plus 8 tonight at 10 PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap.  Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details.


The six kids are turning 10 this year and Kate is prepping for an epic party. It’s spring break and Kate says they’ve all grown and learned a lot. She says they’ve had some struggles and says she’s getting older and worn out and they’re giving her a run for their money. She says Mady and Cara are 13 and the younger ones will turn 10 this year.

She shows off a new pet – a conure named Zorro. Kate says she loves animals and sees them like her kids. She says pets are very therapeutic. She tells the producers that sometimes the kid sleep in and some grab their own food. She says mornings are hectic. It’s spring break this week and it’s less crazy. She says she’s cooking something with eggs and sausage.

The kids start coming down. We see the younger ones settle on the couch. The girls argue over the bird. The boys come in. She tells them to be gentle with the bird. They say he loves Rice Krispies. It’s #kateplus8. She sends some to feed the fish and another goes to feed the dog. Kate whispers that there are teenagers in her house. One complains that her alarm didn’t go off.

Kate pours the eggs in the sausage grease and the kids complain. She says she’s had less travel lately and has been home more. She says it’s strange for your youngest kids to be able to take care of themselves. She says in the less year they have grown into needing less care and are helping out so much more and even taking care of each other.

She says they are a team and they all pitch in. We see a flashback to when the kids were babies. She says the kids were asking how sextuplets happen and how she fed them all. She says she found out she couldn’t use different spoons and how to feed them off of one. She says it was hectic. Hte kids were fascinated by all that.

She shows the chore chart that they still use. She says she’s always encouraged them to do a good job. She says she has expected more over the years. The girls says the boys just feed the chickens. They are up to 50 chickens and get dozens of eggs each day. They talk about gathering the eggs and taking care of the chickens. Kate says they still have chickens and it’s the boys only “man” chore that they have.

She says they do the man things well. She says it’s hard to be raised by just your mom when you’re a boy. She says she hopes they turn out well. Kate says she worries more about things she can’t be for them but tries hard and perseveres. She says as they get older, it’s wonderful to see.

Aaden is pleasant and funny. We see video of him over the years. She says he likes being babied but is becoming more outspoken. The other two boys say he can be clueless and lost. They say he’s kind, gentle and funny.

Kate tells them she has fun things planned for Spring Break and one of the older two sasses her and she sends them out. She says she got the girls iPads and cell phones so she could take them away to punish them. One asks her mom if she makes her cry and Kate takes a deep sigh.

The kids run around the basement and she talks about their party. She says she can’t believe they’re turning 10. She says she has a fun family outing planned and says it’s hard to plan one outing that covers everyone’s wants and needs. One of the teenagers stomps out and has a tantrum and Kate tells her to apologize and change her attitude and come back. She does.

Kate shows them a chart and says they are going to BodyZone. She says they can each pick two activities and runs through the options. She gets annoyed at Mady who says her mom is yelling at her all day. Kate says she’s going to be grouchy when Mady is whiny and grouchy. Kate says Mady is fussy a lot and doesn’t have a filter.

Kate asks if she wants a truce and start over and Mady says she’ll still be mad at her. She tells her daughter she’ll listen. Mady says they get along for the most part. Kate says we still love each other even when you make me cry.

The kids start choosing their activities. Kate says she can’t ice skate because she has children to support. She complains that she broke her foot last year and the kids all harass her and say it was just her toe. She was running and hit the corner of the island between her toes and broke them. She counts up the chosen activities and reads off the four most popular – a bunch of the kids boo.

The teens complain that it’s impossible to make decisions as a group.

Hannah is the little mommy who takes care fo the others and is always kind and mature. Kate says it’s hard to remember she’s the same age as the other kids. Leah says Hannah likes unicorns. Leah says she can’t live without her unicorn.

Hannah is the little mommy who takes care fo the others and is always kind and mature. Kate says it’s hard to remember she’s the same age as the other kids. Leah says Hannah likes unicorns. Leah says she can’t live without her unicorn.

The kids load into the car. She says they’ve got a huge BBB – big black bus. She says she upgraded to a new one and then gave the old one to Jon. She says she can’t imagine another vehicle with that many kids and stuff. She says it has rubber floors. They come to the sports place and sit on the bleachers. Donna, the director, says they will start with gaga ball. Mady complains that she doesn’t want to play.

Kate says there are always meltdowns but these days, usually it’s a teenager. She says it depletes energy. She says she tries to be calm and let them go crazy. Mady complains that her mom isn’t listening. The coach comes in. There’s a blow up arena and you slap it around and try to hit ankles. We see the kids play. Mady’s bestie Jenna is there and joins the game.

Mady tells her she shouldn’t have surprised her and says she hate surprises. Mady says she should have told her ahead of time. Kate is almost hit and slaps it at the kids. Collin is out. Kate says it’s really fun and gets a couple of her kids out. Kate says she doesn’t let her kids win. She says no one will let them win in life. She says you can’t tell kids to try their hardest and then let them win because she’s not trying her hardest. Mady fakes a cramp and Kate calls her on it then gets her out.

Kate says it’s a game with a mushy ball and didn’t scar her daughter for life. Mady fakes a cry and says she doesn’t forgive her and demands a rematch.

Mady and Cara, she says, are the same girls. She says Mady is chatty and Cara is happy. She says being a teen has exacerbated their personalities. Mady is the drama queen and always has been. Cara is the more athletic one. Cara’s not a big talker. Cara says Mady isn’t as smart as her and she agrees. Kate says Mady needs constant reminders to work hard and win.

The final activity was ice skating. The kids lace up their skates and Kate helps. She thinks back to them trying to skate when they were three. We see her holding Jon’s arm back in the day, terrified. Mady whines and says she’s stuck. Cara says she wasn’t good at first but then got it. The kids hold rubber pylons to help balance. The boys talk about how many times they fell.

Joel is the perfect child. She says everyone knows it. He eats anything, wears anything, has fashion sense, is easy, pleasant and wonderful. The other boys says he’s brave, sneaky and quiet. They say he’s wise and he agrees that he is.

The kids are skating and falling and they call for the chair. The kids mock her for being scared. She sits down in a chair and they drag her onto the ice in it. They push her around and she asks if this is how they will push her when she’s old. She laughs and says no Gosselins were injured in the episode.

The kids play and Collin insults Hannah’s hair. Kate tells him to keep it to himself. He grins and she tells him to stop it. She asks what else he could says that’s less offensive. He says he can’t think of anything. Kate says think of something nice or say nothing at all. She says he won’t get a GF or wife if he says their hair is ugly. Collin insists it was ugly and says he was just being honest.

Kate calls him over and takes him into the kitchen and says to keep honest conversations in his head but to filter what comes out his mouth. She gives him some examples of how to change what he says. She says he’s not in trouble but to adjust it.

Collin wants to be in charge of the world. He’s smart and amazing, great at school and his grades come easy. She says he likes to manipulate and control situations and it’s challenging. She says he’s challenging authority and she has to rein him in. The other boys say he’s a muscular man.

Kate says days off of school are devoted to appointments and Mady complains they get dragged along to everything. They all head to Aaden’s eye doctor appointment. He needs new glasses because he’s got duct tape on his old ones. She says the last time they chose glasses, the little girls enjoyed it. Kate decided to let them all help him choose. Aaden loves being dressed by his sisters so they help him choose glasses. Leah says to never let him choose his own glasses because he has bad taste.

They settle on a pair that the other kids give thumbs up to. She says picking out his first pair of glasses made her sad, but now she thinks they are so cute. She says it’s not that bad to have one preemie out of six to need glasses. She says now she can’t envision him without them.

Kate tells the kids they have some errands to run. She says her favorite party was their third which was a carnival. The girls say they remember the horses and the boys say they remember the cotton candy and tent. Kate says she thought it would be fun to make a big kid carnival. She tells them about it and says they can build carnival games together. The girls complain and says they want roller blading.

Kate offers a cotton candy machine. The girls say that their mom complains after a big event. She finally gets them excited about it. She says it will be something they will never forget. Mady says she doesn’t care because it’s not her birthday and says it’s stupid. The little kids listen to this. Mady says she’s an awful role model and says she hopes the younger kids don’t look up to her.

Kate says she’s a good big sister except when she’s being grouchy and mean. Kate says the little ones just want their approval. Kate says they can go shopping for the party or she can take a nap. They grudgingly agree to go. Kate tells Mady that she can invite her friends too. Leah complains and says the big girls always get to bring friends along and they don’t.

Mady and Cara are annoyed and say they intruded on her whole life plan and her plan was not to have six little brothers and sisters. Kate says she can solve it. She tells the big girls that they and their friends can run the booths. Cara and Mady say they know she does this to manipulate them into helping out and being better about the party. Kate says she lets the kids wear themselves out and then negotiates with them.

Leah is a loud voice. She is fearless and will always be heard. She says she’s lovely and beautiful but her voice can shoot like a machine gun. The other girls says she likes hot pink, penguins and monkeys. Mady says she thinks she likes Leah.

At the party store, they look for stuff to make games. Kate offers to be a clown and the kids tell her please no. They talk about the cakes and she offers to make or buy a cake. She grabs a pink wig she wants to wear. The kids tell her she should make a backup cake instead of buying one in case she screws it up. The kids start getting annoyed with each other. She threatens them with leaving.

Alexis is a fabulous kid. She gets more fab as the years go on and has meltdowns occasionally. She says when Alexis loves something, she loves large and is their comic relief. The other girls says she loves alligators, likes salmon and her fave color is dark blue.

Kate says they will all build, party and clean up together and the kids say they shouldn’t have to clean on their birthday. She says they can be rabid beasts and says all parents think that about their kids sometimes. Kate says it was a successful day and has all the kids on board. She says they have chosen what’s happening and they’ll see what happens. She says it also depends on the mood of Cara and Mady that day.

Kate says they have had a productive spring break and she’s excited about the summer party that’s coming up.