Scandalous Kate Gosselin Tell-All: Robert Hoffam Book Release Coincides With TLC Special!

Scandalous Kate Gosselin Tell-All: Robert Hoffam Book Release Coincides With TLC Special!

You know what they say about striking while the iron is hot and apparently Robert Hoffman is intending to do just that. Back in 2012 he published a tell-all book on Kate Gosselin that painted her to be a violent monster mom to her 8 kids. The content came from Kate’s old hard drive and her ex, Jon Gosselin was also believed to have a hand in the book’s viscous accusations. Kate took Hoffman to court and originally had the books pulled from shelves but she later dropped her lawsuit, a move she no doubt is regretting right now.

According to Radar Online Hoffman is intending to re-release Kate Gosselin: ‘How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen’ just four days after TLC airs a two part special that catches up with Kate and her kids. In the promo that was released for the show Kate is obviously still the same miserable, resentful disciplinarian that we remember her to be but her bitterness seems to be a bit worse. The timing of Hoffman’s book’s release couldn’t possibly be any better, for him. The promo clip of Kate’s special had the internet buzzing about her and I can only imagine the reaction after two hours inside Kate’s current life. As it is Kate was probably hoping that this special would drum up enough interest for TLC to decide to bring the family back to its prime time lineup. Her own hostility on camera combined with a tell-all that accuses her of abuse among other things will only get her crucified in the court of public opinion- again.

Do you think that Kate will step up and once again file a suit against Hoffman to try and block or at least limit his book’s release? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

5 responses to “Scandalous Kate Gosselin Tell-All: Robert Hoffam Book Release Coincides With TLC Special!”

  1. debbiehm says:

    So happy about this:) Wouldn’t it be a hoot if TLC was in on this with Hoffman and only did the special to PROMOTE his book???LOL And Kate was thinking all the time about how TLC was doing it to make her a STAH all over again? Good going Robert Hoffman…Though the intertest in Kate is very low, I hope this book does well…I will be the first one in line to buy it…

  2. imani1962 says:

    When will Mommy Dearest ever go away? TLC needs to think of the kids. These kids are being trashed and humiliated on national tv, and the media because of a fame whore. When does it stop? When is enough enough? Children have rights. The sextuplets are only ten and the twins are teens. They have a right to their privacy and to be treated with dignity and respect. The next lawsuit filed should be by a child advocate suing TLC and Kate for emotional abuse of these children.

    • wicked says:

      Kate is an attentive Mother. She keeps a clean house, her children are clean, clothed and fed. She engages them in fun activities.If, Kate hadn’t written books, had DWTS, Celebrity apprentice and TLC specials, the Children would be much worst off.Imagine, if it were left up to Jon Gosselin to support those 8 children? Those Children would be split up, living in foster care. I don’t like Kate, but the die is cast. Her oldest girls are 13 years old the other 6 are 10 years old. They have been filmed since they were really, really, little. Thus, being filmed 24/7 is their reality. The kids know the film crew, whom are a form of extended family.

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  4. Tailisian says:

    Hey Wicked! Miss you, Bro!
    That did sound altruistic. I am more sensitive to single mom’s & children since my sis & niece have been bunking living eith me. You know the house is ridiculously enormous for one person I see all that she is accomplishing alone with no financial support from her x & her x doesn’t even show up to see his daughter. I thought about 8 children.. Yikes! Text me later..