Kate Middleton Bare Bum Picture International Naked Butt Scandal – Duchess of Cambridge Hits Bottom! (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Bare Bum Picture International Naked Butt Scandal - Duchess of Cambridge Hits Bottom! (PHOTOS)

I’m really beginning to think that for at least this moment in time no one can rebound from a scandal quite like Kate Middleton. Earlier this week we watched as a photo of The Duchess of Cambridge’s bare butt exposed during a wind gust in Australia last month was published and then took the internet by storm. It wasn’t a unique moment either, Kate seems to often have a problem keeping her floaty little dresses from giving the ever-ready photographers a free shot and this time around she was called out on it.

The last photo sparked outrage by Prince William because he felt that his wife’s privacy had been invaded and took issue with those who did the snapping and publishing. This time around William may have been ticked but he stayed pretty quiet, probably because Kate could have prevented it. If she was that mortified the last time then trust me when I say that she would make a point of wearing Spanx, boy shorts- anything beneath her dresses to ensure that another nude pic was never possible. Instead Kate exited a helicopter while going commando, no doubt ignoring even her husband’s direction to cover up.

It’s interesting how a lot of people that are fans of Kate also took issue with her this time around. It was less “Poor Kate.” and more of the thinking that she is purposely doing this because she doesn’t mind the attention and it’s a way to rebel. It’s kind of ironic that the woman who may very well be the next Queen of England keeps flashing her assets and it is quickly forgiven in spite of being totally inappropriate.

Kate and William landed in Scotland for a brief tour of the country beginning this past Thursday and all seemed to be forgotten. Kate was radiant in a red coat and she carried herself with the same dignity as usual. Obviously the coat ensured that there would be no unfortunate incidents in Scotland with the paparazzi but I have to wonder if she seemed to rebound so quickly because she really does love the extra attention. Every time a naked pic is published we are reminded of the fact that this woman used to be a party girl and that in spite of all of her training and set rules to follow there is still a wild child beneath the expensive wardrobe. Do you think that Kate secretly loves not just the extra attention, but the kind of attention that this week brought her way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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11 responses to “Kate Middleton Bare Bum Picture International Naked Butt Scandal – Duchess of Cambridge Hits Bottom! (PHOTOS)”

  1. Elia says:

    All Kate the Baboon needs is a pair of panties, a slip, and fitted clothing….and some class. Stop being a pervert without panties, stop with the flared dresses, be more PROFESSIONAL. I’m sick of Kate and William. They both “get off” on her exhibitionism. No other explanation makes sense, because she’s done it for years and neither William nor the other royals put a stop to it. This was not the first time her bare butt has been seen in public. She’s like a crazy baboon. Baboons have a thing about displaying their rears too.
    Kate must be mentally ill and William supports it by acting like she can do no wrong. Kate-Baboon has flashed innocent children. Parents should protect their children and ask that Kate not be allowed around their kids. Imagine having Kate the baboon around your kid, with her knickers off. No way !

    • SpringBeauty says:

      I am beginning to realize that Kate must have some deep “seated” issues. Exposure is much to frequent, and too easy to avoid, for it to be unintentional. Kate is one weird chickie…

    • Steve Orpin says:

      Jealous much? The girl’s hot. You’re not.

  2. SpringBeauty says:

    I dislike the above pic-that’s about the phoniest expression I’ve ever seen. It must get boring, being charming all the time, tho…

  3. James says:

    I’ve become disenchanted with the Duchess already. I think she is not sincere and cares little for anything other than her wonderful life. She doesn’t care about her rear showing; if she did, she would have addressed the issue by now. The Middletons may have money but the more I see, I believe they have little class. William married down.

    • Gia says:

      Yes he married down for sure. But his choice of Kate as a bride says way too much about him !

  4. Jhonhump says:

    Absolutely Bullet! Where do I send the job application?

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