Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumors Debunked: Solo Malta Trip Proves No Pregnancy For Princess With Morning Sickness History

Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumors Debunked: Solo Malta Trip Proves No Pregnancy For Princess With Morning Sickness History

Kate Middleton doesn’t care what Queen Elizabeth thinks, and she’s going to do as she damn well pleases. Queen Elizabeth may be very particular about wanting the royals to live at Kensington Palace, but Kate’s keeping the best interests of Prince George in mind. Plus, she’s sick and tired of every choice being dictated by Prince William and/or the royal family. Thus, Kate moving to Anmer Hall has become a certainty, not just a rumor at this point.

Let’s not forget about Kate’s first official solo royal trip – this one to Malta, coming up in September. The Duchess of Cambridge will be arriving on September 20 for a two-day stay. This excursion marks a true coming of age for Kate Middleton and shows the respect she has earned from Queen Elizabeth. Allowing Kate to represent the British Monarchy all by herself is a historic event and also indicates that she is not pregnant. If Kate Middleton was pregnant right now there is no way, with her record of terrible difficulty in pregnancy, that she would be allowed by her royal doctors to travel

Kate refuses to be a brood mare for the royals, pumping out child after child every other year. Why do you think the royal press office has refused to comment on Kate’s pregnancy [or lack thereof]? It’s because they WANT her to get pregnant with the spare, but the poor woman’s already tired from running after one child, never mind two. Not to mention her very difficult first pregnancy which featured severe morning sickness – so badly did Kate Middleton suffer that she had to be hospitalized!

Of course, if she followed the royal way of doing things, George would spend all of his time with his nanny. But like Princess Diana, Kate’s not one to conform to age-old ‘traditions’, which usually involve abandoning your existing children in order to spawn several more. Kate will not get pregnant every time the royals tell her to, especially since she doesn’t even want another child right now. In fact, sources tell us that she’s perfectly happy with George, and doesn’t even know if she wants another kid at all. This is the 21st century – why do the royals need a ‘spare’ anyway? The monarchy is all but defunct, and it exists more as a symbol now than an actual extension of the government. Let the poor woman live her life in peace, and if she refuses to get pregnant, let her stay that way. And if Kate Middleton wants to move to Anmer Hall for privacy, then let her have it.

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  • micmac

    I don’t think that Kate had to rebel against Queen Elizabeth to go to Anmer Hall when it was the Queen, herself, who gave the residence to her grandson. Though I can well imagine Kate rebelling against being blamed for renovations to that property without one mention of what input her husband and his family had also put into them. Apart from that, it is nice to see CDL staff writing articles that seem to be based on factual information rather than “sources”. Of course everyone wants Kate to have another baby, but only if and when she and her husband are ready to do so. And you are right. Prince William will be quite occupied with his job near Anmer Hall for another couple of years. Currently it is Prince Charles’ time to shine as per the law of succession.

  • Mellissa

    I doubt very much that Catherine wants George to be an only child, especially considering the fact that she comes from a family of three. Kate has earned the right to say that she’s a good mother since she’s been there raising her own child.

  • micmac

    Everyone being the Press, the politicians, the RF and whatever members of the public who want something new to comment nastily about. For example, yourself.

  • micmac

    Didn’t you know that they were inducting the new nanny at the time? That baby’s parents can be a headache & get in the road? So yes, Duke & Duchess, being stressed out, nervous parents, were banished to the Maldives to get reacquainted with each other, leaving George with Grandma & Nanny . And if you weren’t such a lazy thinker and reader yourself you would have realised all this yourself without being told.

  • Jennivie

    I hope she has another child because I like her because she is normal she isn’t like “Please clean that up oooh“. That’s what Elizabeth is like. youse English people don’t like her because you just wanted William all to YOURSELF. Well tough because they are happily married and a beautiful son and you cant sabotage it. Kiss your dream goodbye. so cut it out. things don’t always go our way in life do they? we cant have everything. so wake up and take a sniff reality, because this isn`t a “fairytale“ like Cinderella. so wake up from ur childish dreams and snap into reality.

    • Chuck

      That’s what Elizabeth is like? Oh so you know Elizabeth personally and know everything about her? Or, like the auhtor are you making things up the way you want them to be?

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  • Chuck

    So I guess you have a direct line to know what she thinks and feels and says? You’re best buds and BFFs? This article reads like you wrote eveything you WANT to be true about her and the family. What load of nonsense.

    • Maya

      What the fu*k are you reading for and + you can`t even spell when you were abusing Jenivie you spelled author right so you are not damn awesome any more are you. so give every1 a break. Thanks :)

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  • Jenivie

    You are under different names what a total sicko you are

  • Lara

    Forgot – covered up front and back as well as top and bottom and in between since there is nothing that we haven’t seen.

  • Lara

    Annette, Give it up! Lara is me Lara. I have no idea who you keep accusing me of being but if you keep it up I will lodge a complaint against you. Get out from behind your keyboard and move along!

    • Annette

      Sorry it’s v confusing i shouldn’t have accused u. U are very honest and u showed who u were it is just annoying when people come bk with a different ID. Sorry Lara.