SEE Prince George’s New Pic: Kate Middleton and Prince William Won’t Let Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Babysit (PHOTO)

SEE Prince George New Pic: Kate Middleton and Prince William Won't Let Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Babysit (PHOTO)

Check out the new picture of Prince George released by the palace.  The heavily photo-shopped photo shows Kate Middleton and Prince William with baby George sitting in a window of Kensington Palace – along with Lupo, the family dog. The pic was taken by Jason Bell who was responsible for the official christening photos of George and the royals.

Prince Harry has really tried to revamp his image a bit since returning from Afghanistan. After being caught quite literally with his pants down in Las Vegas he knew that he needed to clean up his act and while the sense of humor remains, his bawdy behavior has been tamed at least a little. Rumor has it that an engagement announcement is coming later this year and as it turns out Harry and his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas have really welcomed the idea of playing house. Not only are they kind of living together at Kensington Palace but they also have wanted to spend a lot of time with Prince George to try the whole parenting thing on for size as well.

The problem is that Kate Middleton doesn’t exactly trust Harry with her baby. According to the April 7th print edition of GLOBE magazine she refuses to leave her 8 month old alone with the couple. Harry and Cressida often offer to baby sit so that Kate can have a romantic evening alone but she always declines. Finally Harry confronted his brother about it and learned that Kate doesn’t trust him as a sitter. She told Harry that he and Cressida can always hang out with George but if she’s not there then a real nanny will be just in case there is a problem.

Do you blame Kate for wanting a bit of back up supervision there with George or do you think that Harry and Cressida are more than capable of caring for the young prince? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

7 responses to “SEE Prince George’s New Pic: Kate Middleton and Prince William Won’t Let Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Babysit (PHOTO)”

  1. Lara says:

    The one with the “parenting” issues is Waity herself!

    • DuchessLazy says:

      That’s so true. William as well, he also agreed to leave George behind for that week’s vacation. They’re both lame. They have ignored all public duties so far this year, except handing out shamrocks on St. Patricks Day. Big whoopee.

  2. DuchessLazy says:

    Actually not a good photo. They play such games with the public. This was intentional, you can only see the side of George’s face from a distance. They know full well that many people in their country wanted to see more of George. Scary how Waity’s eyes look so cold and hard. William again is holding Lupo rather than his own son.

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