GLOBE: Kate Middleton and Prince William Betrayed by Prince Charles: Makes Camilla Parker-Bowles Queen in Royal Power Struggle (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Kate Middleton and Prince William Betrayed by Prince Charles: Makes Camilla Parker-Bowles Queen in Royal Power Struggle (PHOTO)

We have been telling you for weeks now about the internal power struggle going on behind the palace walls and don’t look for things to calm down anytime soon. Up until very recently Kate Middleton had Prince Charles’ full backing. He has been extremely close to his daughter-in-law and it is a relationship that has made Camilla Parker-Bowles’ blood boil. She hates that Kate is everything that she has always fallen short of being and knowing that her husband supported the notion of Kate becoming the next queen has made Camilla physically sick. She has fought back with whatever ammo she could find and it seems that threatening to tell Charles’ deepest, darkest gay secrets to the press, in detail, has worked.

According to the Feb. 10th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Charles has started to take back some of the power that the younger royals had in an attempt to quiet his drunken wife. Part of that has included closing the Kensington Palace Press office which has done a fabulous job of promoting Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry for the last year. Their younger and more modern approach has helped to usher in the notion of a more likable monarchy and has helped Kate and William to become more respected by the British people.

Cami got sick of hearing about what Kate was wearing and leaned on Charles to take back control of what the press is fed. In agreeing to do so he has prevented William and Kate from being promoted as they had been and no doubt this move will set the monarchy back a ways. Kate is left feeling betrayed because this was aimed at affecting her likability and she can’t believe that Charles would do something so hurtful. Neither can William so tensions are boiling over behind closed doors.

Speaking of the royals, GLOBE has been following all the twists and turns of the investigation into Princess Diana’s death in the Feb. 10th issue they seem to have uncovered proof that the people’s princess was not only murdered, but that witnesses were bribed to ensure their silence.

No other weekly magazine covers Hollywood stars the way that GLOBE does and so of course they have the inside line on why The Captain and Tennille are splitting after 39 years of marriage! Even worse, it seems Bob Newhart and Mel Brooks are fading fast during their sad last days.

Grab the latest issue for these stories and many more but in the meantime, do you think Camilla’s scheming will ultimately lead to her sitting on the throne?  This week GLOBE moves right inside the Palace for a first-hand look at all the recent changes that threaten to upset Queen Elizabeth’s plans. With my copy of GLOBE I know that there are hours of reading pleasure awaiting me. Don’t miss this week’s edition!

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