Kate Middleton Panics Over Prince William’s Rapid Weight Loss Following Royal Tour

Kate Middleton Panics Over Prince William's Rapid Weight Loss Following Royal Tour

While everyone has focused their attention on whether or not Kate Middleton has been MIA recently due to morning sickness they have overlooked the fact that Prince William hasn’t been looking like himself. Since returning from Australia William has been sick as a dog, giving him no choice but to acknowledge that he must be battling some sort of “bug”. The problem is that he has been sick for weeks now and has actually dropped 20 pounds from his already lean frame.

According to the May 26th print edition of GLOBE magazine Kate is worried that William may have picked up some strain of a serious illness carried by one of the many kinds of flying bugs in Australia. There are especially blood thirsty bugs near the desert that carrying all kinds of deadly parasites. As William continues to avoid food for fear of vomiting she is insisting that a special team tests him for everything and does research on the areas that they visited and what diseases are rampant.

Do you think that the prince really could be suffering from something serious that he picked up on his month long journey with Kate and baby George? Is it really just a typical bug or do you think that Kate is right to be jumping all over William about having a battery of tests done to find out exactly what is going on? I’m sure Kate doesn’t want to alarm Queen Elizabeth and so most of this investigation will be kept hush-hush. My guess is that she’s probably worried about it being something that can be passed through the family also! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • janie

    I hope not! I really like this couple.

  • sandy

    What’s Hanoverian, Stuart and Tudor? Think before commenting

  • Denese

    I think they are all skin and bones. Harry is practically swallowed up in his military uniforms. Kate is as skinny as can be. I don’t think they eat unless something is served to them at an event or by the palace staff at home.

  • Ayesha Gull

    This could be virus entered his body once my son came pakistan and caught up with same virus accompanied fever and vomiting and recovered in belgium and lost his weight william need to hospitalize under observation by specialist and InshAllah will recover