Kate Middleton Stronger Than Princess Diana – George Michael

Kate Middleton Stronger Than Princess Diana - George Michael

Kate Middleton‘s already proven that she’s better equipped to handle the trappings of royal life than Princess Diana, and George Michael agrees. The famous singer recently gave an interview [promoting his new album] and he stated that he genuinely believes that Kate is stronger than Diana.

He explained, “Diana would have been incredibly happy for [Prince] William and Kate. And I think she’d also be really, really pleased that William has met and fallen in love with someone who has the strength of character to be able to deal with the sort of things that she couldn’t. I know just how challenging and exacting that level of fame can be. It’s like living in a goldfish bowl. Sometimes, especially during the Faith years, I felt close to lunacy.”

While Diana was almost universally beloved by the public, she was very vocal about her troubles with the media and paparazzi. She was never comfortable with the intrusion into her private life, even though she was raising the heir to the throne. I don’t think Diana ever fully reconciled her life with the life of a royal, probably one of the reasons that she and Prince Charles never got on very well.

Kate, on the other hand, has already gotten used to living in the royal family, and she seems to innately understand that there’s sort of a give-and-take relationship with the press. She, along with Will, understand that there’s some level of engagement required with the media, and they’re willing to provide that to the public.

What do you guys think of George Michael’s comments? Kate’s strength will no doubt serve her well in the future, but I also think a large part of this is because she genuinely loves Will, and the feelings are reciprocated. We already know Diana and Charles barely got along, which no doubt made things a lot worse for her.

3 responses to “Kate Middleton Stronger Than Princess Diana – George Michael”

  1. Bubbly says:

    There are parts of this idiotic article that I just have to respond to. First, Diana was craving publicity just as much as any of those people, I mean the royal family. Second: they need it and they love it. The exposure in Diana’s days wasn’t as broad as it is today so those two appear to be more “media friendly” while Diana was more “privacy conscious”, but it’s not really the case. Third: middleton has no strength or personality except perhaps wearing cheap clothes. She does and says what she is told to do and say. And fourth: what the real deal in this “media friendly’ department is that they couldn’t care less about British subjects, all they care about is how to stay in good books with the media outlets so their asses won’t get smeared with shit too often. In other words all they care about is their own selfish selves and how to flash undies from time to time (in the case of the middleton woman). Besides that, those two were basically brought up by “media” (internet and all those social sites) and they know how to deal with them much better than Diana did including fake accounts to promote their own asses.. Just saying, that’s all.

  2. Kate W says:

    True Catherine does appear to be stronger than Diana. There are several things that work for Catherine that Diana lacked. First of all Cathering joined the family at 29, an age where she was more epxerienced with life, and more confident in herself. Diana was only 20 when she married Charles, and a virgin too. I add that to reflect that she did not really have realtionship experience to help weather storms. Catherine dated William for 8 years before marriage, solidifying her realtionship with both him and his family before marriage meaning she did not have to deal with an adjustment to the family on a great scale. Diana did not really date Charles. Not sure what to even call the relationship pre-marriage. Most importanlty, Catherine was raised in a strong and stable family that is still at the core of her life. That is probably the biggest factor to why she is so grounded. Diana unfortanley lacked in all the above areas. Both ladies are remarkable though.

  3. Denese says:

    Everyone was/is stronger than Diana. Listen to recordings she made; she cried about everything.