Kate Middleton Insults Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth With Lazy Approach to Charity (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Insults Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth With Lazy Approach to Charity (PHOTOS)

Whether you were a fan of the late Princess Diana or not, you have to admit that she was an amazing and groundbreaking philanthropist. She hugged and showed love to AIDS victims back in the 80s when most people were scared to touch patients. She walked land-mine ridden area to raise awareness. And, most of all, she raised her boys to think of others and be “real” people. So how would the People’s Princess feel now that her little Wills (aka Prince William) has married a woman (Kate Middleton) too lazy to get out and do good works?

Diana was known for her ultra-busy charity schedule – she made more than 170 appearances each year – that’s every other day. Plus she was the single mum of two busy boys. Meanwhile Kate Middleton has one son, a hubby by her side and nothing but time on her hands. So what’s she devoting her time to? Who knows…

Prince Charles is one of the busiest royals in the world making nearly 190 charitable appearances each year and even his 88 year old mummy Queen Elizabeth is doing more than her granddaughter-in-law. By comparison’s Kate is doing about 35-40 appearances each year. This means that less than once a week she’s getting off her royal duff to put on some finery and put in an appearance.

Granted, she and Will have been taking some trips, but really, aren’t those glorified vacations for the most part? Kate shows up, people give her gifts, kiss her royal rear and they stay in the nicest places and are hosted fabulously, feted at parties, wined and dined. How is this work? It’s not. And while she does have a little one at home, she also has an army of help there – Kate Middleton is a princess!

Waity Katie’s defenders have said she’s learning to be a “working mom” but explain to me where she was working before. I will grant you that she had a rough start to her pregnancy – could be something to do with the fact that she’s an obvi anorexic and gestating babies need nutrition to thrive and survive. Hmm? But once she figured out she couldn’t starve herself without also starving little Georgie in utero, her pregnancy got better, but she still wasn’t out and about much.

And now that she’s popped the heir, what has she been up to? Not enough. Prince William needs to tell Kate to get off the throne and get to work. Will was raised for most of his young life by a determined Princess who wanted to do good in the world and now he’s shackled to a Princess determined to do very little. It’s kind of sad really and has me wondering who will fulfill Diana’s legacy if not her offspring.

Although he doesn’t make the news as much, it seems that Prince Harry is the one royal who best emulates his mother’s giving spirit and natural empathy for those less fortunate. He’s busy serving in the military but still started an organization to help orphans in Lesotho, began working with WellChild that works with sick children and also supports a charity to help injured rugby players.

Whenever you see him on tour, he’s not standing on a podium waving politely, he’s hanging with the people, kicking a football around, dancing in the streets and genuinely smiling, happy to be out there among real people and doing good. Now if only we could somehow transform Kate from royal fem-bot/Stepford castle wife into someone that can realize that she’s been blessed beyond expectation and should be giving back. Don’t hold your breath.

Of course Kate needs to contend with Prince William’s partying ways whenever he is out of her sight. Below you can catch some of him and brother Harry during their trip to America for Guy Pelly’s wedding.

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  • SpringBeauty

    She’s run ragged shopping, and decorating their many homes-give her a break!

  • Royal Watcher

    Diana made a huge step forward ,she represented modern women of today while Kate took two humongous steps backward ,representing a kind of woman Jane Austen so precisely characterized in her novels(and I am not talking about her lead characters as they usually showed some development of character,some sort of awakening from their romantic upbringing).Her permanent grin cannot distract ,modern women of today ,from the fact that she is simply not one of us.Harry is truly Diana’s son.We can only hope that he will find a wife who will share his passion for helping people

  • Just my two cents

    Kate will never live up to Diana ,not in looks ,not in charme,not in work ethic and most importantly not in warmth and sincere care for others.She comes across as rather cold.The fact that The Queen works harder than Kate ,should make her feel ashamed.William does not guide his wife to make a bigger effort ,instead he has become lazy himself.It is quite obvious ,now, that Harry is the one with drive and work ethic not William.I feel sorry for the Royals to have no help in Kate ,she does not care about people only cares about herself.Diana said:”Someone’s got to go out there and love people.”I do believe that Harry will step into his mothers footsteps.Shame that we have to support William and Kate when The Queen,Charles and Harry do all the work.Do Will+Kate think that they are better than The Queen and Charles?

    • Anonymous

      She IS cold. And not very bright. I thought she seemed bitchy and unhappy.

  • Bebojoy

    Remember, FYI, The Duchess of Cambridge is just marry to the 3rd in line to the throne, not to the Prince of Wales. She was also a military wife and new mother for most of her married life.
    Where is Camilla? She should be taking the majority of Prince Charles wife duty not The Duchess of Cambridge.

    When the Princes were little, she did not have as many duty as when they started school

    Get your fact straight.

    I was a Diana Princess of Wales follower and now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She has only been in the job for 3 years.

  • kimzazzz

    Really? Her behavior is slutty and her clothes are cheap????? Lolllll! I have never understood the hate this young woman attracts. From this deliberately inflammatory worded article (sure , like you have an “in” to what the royal family -FYI the waity shiite is OLD) to this stupid comment. Bubbly I would seriously check the costs of the items she wears. Babe you could not afford the paper the price is printed on. You are pathetic. And so is this journalistic “master piece”.

  • royalparasites

    “Jealous” is the one repeat statement that all the royal sycophants use. I clearly dislike her…that would rather oppose “jealousy” now wouldn’t it ? LOL

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  • Who cares?

    You’re a troll.

  • Caroline

    I am so disappointed in Kate. I do not like her anymore because she plays it safe, does little charity work, obviously does not embrace vibrancy and variety! Is not adventurous at all. She is no Firebrand.

  • Caroline

    Too safe and dull.

  • Caroline

    She should take cues from Queen Rania of Jordan.

  • EG

    Prince Harry is the only royal to connect to the average person. Yes, Harry has done some stupid things. At least Harry is down to earth and it shows. Harry went into combat. When was the last time a royal of high ranking went into combat? The other royals could learn from Harry. The other royals act like they will catch something from average people. Not Harry. Harry loves the people and the people know it.
    William could have picked a better person to marry. Kate is not impressive. Both William and Kate need to get to work. The royals salary comes from taxpayer money, so the taxpayer has a right to complain about the royals not working.
    I had hoped Kate would jump right in and start working to do some good with her position, but she has done very little.

  • Anonymous

    When she married Prince William she actually DID become a public servant. It’s part of the deal when you marry a Royal. Her lavish and luxurious lifestyle is paid for by the hardworking English public and in exchange for living with insane perks and privilege, she is expected to devote her time to representing the Queen and doing charitable works. She is a complete failure and is living the Royal life on the public’s dime and not giving back the way she is supposed to. Diana would be ashamed to have such a lazy, parasitic daughter in law.

  • Anonymous

    I met her briefly and she was incredibly awkward and seemed miserable. She made awful small talk that was embarrassingly inadequate and the thing I noticed the most was that her hands were really big in comparison with the rest of her body! She kept making claw-like stabbing motions with them while talking and just seemed really uncomfortable and not confident at all. William wasn’t there and she kept looking over at what I assumed was one of her handlers and asked where she was supposed to stand and shooting him anxious looks. For someone who spent over ten years around the Royals, she sure didn’t have the social skills you would expect…. I wasn’t impressed.

  • Anonymous

    “Piling up to the evil mouths”? What does that even mean? BTW, respect has to be earned, not bought (or married into). The world shouldn’t automatically bow down to someone who has done zilch to improve the world and lives of others just because of who they marry.

  • Anonymous

    The Queen actually works very hard and has a stellar charity record. Look up how many charitable events she has worked in just one year (especially compared to lazy Kate) and you’ll see that this little old lady is actually dedicated to helping people and representing her people.

  • The Deutschland

    You do charity out of the goodness out of your heart not for a salary, plus it is their job since they live off of our taxes.

  • The Deutschland

    I’m not jealous of a woman who can’t even express her opinion, be free to choose motherhood or not, or even leave her house without being harassed. She lives the life of a slave to that royal family.

  • The Deutschland

    Since they do not have a position in society, they are to perform royal duties affiliated with their titles. Since the public purse is paying for this monarchy, she needs to step up and make people be in the mood to look at the huge amount of taxes that they have to pay, so no she can’t be as lazy as she wants.