Kate Middleton Selects Her Own Clothes Without Stylist – Does Her Own Makeup?

Kate Middleton Selects Her Own Clothes Without Stylist - Does Her Own Makeup?

Kate Middleton selects her own clothes and does her own makeup, you guys! In other words, she’s just like all the rest of us plebeians – except for the fact that she has an unlimited wardrobe budget, she has a professional team to do her hair, and she has an entire beauty team working with her… you know, just in case.

A new report from People Magazine has been strategically released following the Australia and New Zealand tour, probably to correct the public’s perception of the Duchess as spoiled. Let’s face it, the royal family IS spoiled. It would be impossible to not be spoiled when you barely have to work, and everything you want is handed to you on a silver platter. However, Kate’s team is clearly trying to make her more relatable to the public by claiming that she does all her shopping herself, just like us!

However, even though Kate doesn’t have stylist per say, she does have a personal staffer that picks us out the selection of outfits that Kate chooses from. Basically, she has a personal secretary, Natasha Archer, that works in the capacity of a stylist and does everything a stylist would do – except she’s not a ‘stylist’. Archer is responsible for calling in the designer outfits, accessories, and jewelry that Kate picks her outfits from, and she was part of the royal entourage that traveled with Kate, Prince William, and Prince George down under. Yeah, I don’t really know how this person is not considered a stylist, but we’ll give the royals this one.

The report also goes into detail on how Kate also prefers to do her own makeup, even though she has a professional hair person with her. She even shops for her own makeup at the Lancome counter at the mall, just like the normal folk!

This whole report is screaming ‘Kate Middleton is normal!’ from the top of its lungs, and it seems a bit too try-hard, especially considering the royals are riding an unprecedented wave of goodwill following their tour. Everybody likes Kate right now, and if they don’t stop with the non-stop press, they’re going to turn this into a backlash.

  • royalparasites

    LOL !!! I guess Waity reads comments about herself. Now this article “oh no she chooses her own clothes”. What a riot ! Oh no she does not. The palace approves what she wears, she DOES have a stylist and even with all that the “real Waity” still breaks through. For example, the hideous wedgies, the tight pants, her usual thing that she seems unable to stop repeating. Kind of brain-damaged or maybe that lobotomy story IS true. If you doubt she has a stylist just look for her old photos online. Pre-engagement pictures. She was a real slob.