Katie Holmes Neglects Suri Cruise and Mean to Fans, Ignores Daughter To Gossip With Pal – Report

Katie Holmes Neglects Suri Cruise and Mean to Fans, Ignores Daughter To Gossip With Pal - Report

According to eyewitnesses who were lucky enough to see Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at the FontaineBleau resort in Miami Beach last week, Katie might not be the perfect mother she’s always made out to be, nor is she particularly nice to her fans.

Radar Online has the report, and these eyewitnesses, a group of young girls, explain their encounter with Katie in full detail. They explain that they first approached Katie for a photo with her, but were rudely turned down. They add, “My cousin and I were eating lunch and all of a sudden she spotted Katie Holmes. We were aware she was staying at the hotel and she’s always been one of our favorite celebrities so immediately we sprung up and begged for a picture. Katie responded ‘Nope!’ and smiled her trademark crooked smile and then walked into the bathroom.”

They claim that Katie continued giving them ‘dirty looks’ all throughout lunch, which seems an odd reaction to asking for a photo? First of all, posing for a photo with young fans is something that even the rudest celebrities do on a regular basis, and secondly, why on earth would she want to continue sending them dirty looks?

It could be that Katie felt uncomfortable that these fans continued looking at her, since they definitely have more details to their story than the initial encounter. They claim that Katie spent the majority of that afternoon gossiping with a friend without Suri in sight, and then added, “After about 15 minutes Suri came up to her trying to ask Katie a question. Katie shooed her away with her hands and continued gossiping with her friend.”

My, oh, my. Gossiping > taking care of your daughter, Katie? To be fair, we don’t know what Suri asked Katie, and kids can be quite annoyingly persistent sometimes. But even then, this report doesn’t exactly make Katie look like celebrity of the year or mom of the year, does it?

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  • tushkin

    If these girls were close enough to say she was ‘gossiping’ they were intrusive and invading her space and deserved dirty looks. Story sounds bogus, people are entitled to their privacy and to feel secure at the pool at a resort especially with a child.

  • Jill

    Another bogus CDL story

  • drdebo cherry

    I never got the impression she was nice…if she was- then my guess is that it was in that fako-sweetie sweet manner…the women is a puppet- imagine leaping into scientology and commandeering another women’s children- then dumping both when there was no longer anything in it for her. Reprehensible and she’d do it again- for another rich, bossy mini-man- she has learned nothing.

  • Lisa Gallant

    If it is true ,I believe it-Kate should make an apology to the fans for her actions! She’s no better than anyone else,why not go on a private island instead!

  • Lou

    Even if it was true. All mothers need a break and what ever Suri said mustn’t have been too important. When I go on holidays I always see parents dump their kids on others. At least suri’s not being treated like a spoiled brat and told every silly thing out of her mouth is most important. She needs somewhat of a normal childhood, god knows we’re making it hard enough for her. Secondly not taking a photo is once again trying to giv suri a normal life. It’s Katie’s job, not Suri’s, and they’re on holidays together..if work called u when u wer on holidays would u answer. And Katie’s prob also annoyed she paid so much and fans still get into te same hotel ad prob paid less