Katy Perry To Roast Mariah Carey In Her New Video – Despises Her High Maintenance Diva Nonsense!

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Over the last twenty years, Mariah Carey‘s music has earned her millions of fans, but apparently Katy Perry is not one of them. In an interview back in March, Katy commented that Mariah is “fabulous for a throwback,” making it sound like she believes that Mariah has little to offer musically nowadays. Katy isn’t stopping with just a side ways swipe at Mariah either. According to the July 7th print edition of Star Magazine, Katy has decided to make fun of the diva in her next video!

Sources say that Katy has hired a drag queen to impersonate Mariah and thinks that the idea will be hilarious. What exactly is Katy’s issue with Mariah? Apparently, it’s the same one that most of Mariah’s deflectors have — she’s annoyed by the starlet’s high maintenance diva nonsense. Katy also thinks that Mariah takes herself way too seriously and needs to lighten up a bit, and maybe being mocked by a drag queen or two will bring her back down to reality — or not.

Mariah’s recent behavior has even ticked off her husband, Nick Cannon. Seeing photos of his wife riding the subway and going to the park in a ball gown prompted him to tell her just how ridiculous she looks. Nick’s speaking up (of course) caused a fight, but do you think that Mariah actually understands that she has turned herself into more of a punch line than anything else lately? I mean, Katy’s video will only prove it, right? Are you glad to see that Katy is brave enough to publicly say what the rest of us are thinking about Mariah?

Do we smell a Mariah Carey/Katy Perry Feud brewing?

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12 responses to “Katy Perry To Roast Mariah Carey In Her New Video – Despises Her High Maintenance Diva Nonsense!”

  1. tahoegeminii says:

    it will be hilarious-MeMe already looks like Nick’s transvestite father -and since she got a twitter account the hag has just been nauseating-someone needs to show her she just ain’t all that-pretty much a has-been poptard flesh puppet hangover that just keeps desperately clawing at the spotlight-and then there is all the mental issues-seriously MeMe has been a walking joke for some time-go for it Katy-can’t wait to see it

  2. tahoegeminii says:

    lamest most gullible fan base you mean-and not that big-because otherwise her record sales wouldn’t be so pathetic -cause MeMe sheep buy anything she spews out-don’t they-several times to try and jack the numbers-hey I got some MeMe piss in a jar -real cheap-the only fabricated nonsense is the crapp MeMe spews out her fat pie hole about her chart numbers and record sales-from the 90’s-how pathetic is that?? and they have proved several times that she doubles the number everytime she spews it so it’s really a load of crappp-and that’s a fact-and the overuse of the word diva is sickening as well-she is a self obsessed skankky twitter twat-NOT diva-she needs to get her fat sloppy pill popping azzz off that word-no excuse for her jack azzz behavior

  3. tahoegeminii says:

    your hilarious–Katy is already busting MeMe’s so called records after just a few years in the biz–in 20 years Katy and Beyonce both will have blown doors on all her numbers and have done it after the 90’s when the music moguls controlled the scene and their was no internet so you had to buy the album-really no comparison-todays poptard flesh puppet has a lot more competition so their numbers are far more impressive than fat cow MeMe’s already and oh yes they didn’t marry the head of Sony at 19 when he was 45 -talk about screwing your way to the top-MeMe is the poster skankk for that old trick

    • Pon_de says:

      How come delusional haters never use punctuation or adhere to the rules of grammar in their insane rants? Nevermind. Just answered my own question.

  4. Mark Bryan Bayaras Aquino says:

    the truth is katy is jealous b’coz she can’t sing like the way mariah does

  5. Say what now? says:

    Excuse YOU what do we have to do with this article…ofcourse we defend our IDOL that’s how it goes, you don’t know any of us. So please take a seat

  6. JoanCrawford1 says:

    I do have a life. do you? I just looked at all your comments and you’re pathetic dear.

  7. Ben says:

    Shut it

  8. I'm not bothered if she's glam says:

    I just saw the song, it’s in the UK chart where the drag queen is there and Katy said something like Mariah Carey something, but I used to like Mariah a lot right, and Katy I know one song of hers the first one, the one she is getting married, but to be honest all the songs sound the same of Katy’s and it seemed they was no catchy chorus in her song that she sang where she’s dissing Mariah Carey for being high maintenance, that was the only part I remembered, that’s her objective for people to catch the song to see what her problem with Mariah Carey is and get more fans and downloads of the song.

    Mariah wearing ball gowns or not, what business is it of anyone, she made the money she can wear anything she wants. in fact I used to lament that people were turning up to award shows in jeans just because its MTV awards, my sister would say it’s young people, but its also an award show why no formal evening clothes. So if people wear whatever they feel like to award shows, and everyone says it’s their personality their wear what they feel comfortable in and Mariah wants to wear glamorous clothes all the time, that’s what she likes, so what is the problem,she wants to look good all the time, I have no problem with that, she doesn’t want to look bad.

  9. Ben says:

    If Mariah is so terrible and Katy is so much better as you say, then why is she using Mariah to stay relevant? Surely if Mariah didn’t matter anymore then she wouldn’t even be thinking about her

  10. araceli says:

    Katy Perry stole Dark Horse from some Christian artist, just like she steals all of her good songs.