Kelly Clarkson’s Pregnancy Problems and Brandon Blackstock’s Cheating Lead to Reclusive Behavior

Kelly Clarkson's Pregnancy Problems and Brandon Blackstock's Cheating Lead to Reclusive Behavior

Remember not too long ago when Kelly Clarkson was gushing about how happy her life with Brandon Blackstock was? The couple married last October and it was all hearts and flowers until his rumored infidelity in early December also collided with her pregnancy announcement. All of a sudden Kelly’s life got really complicated. She ended up defending her new husband to the press as she battled morning sickness. Unfortunately even months later things have yet to improve.

According to the May 5th print edition of Star magazine Kelly was really excited to get pregnant but the experience hasn’t been anything like she had hoped. Instead of glowing she has been sick as a dog and has also experienced a multitude of other complications. She’s also extremely uncomfortable with her pregnant body and so instead of showing off her bump she has turned into a bit of a recluse. Sources say that Kelly rarely leaves her Nashville home and that her marriage isn’t going so great either.

Before Kelly felt pretty confident about her body and her relationship. Now she kind of expects Brandon to cheat and the fact of the matter is that while she defended him publicly, behind closed doors Kelly wasn’t positive that he hadn’t cheated on her. The stories of hook ups with other women coincided with when he was traveling and he was actually within reach of them. Do you think that Kelly is starting to regret her marriage and pregnancy? Or does she just need to deliver a healthy baby and then she’ll be on her way back to the land of the living? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

One response to “Kelly Clarkson’s Pregnancy Problems and Brandon Blackstock’s Cheating Lead to Reclusive Behavior”

  1. Chelsea Shaw says:

    Leave her alone, she is a recluse because she is very pregnant right now and that is what normal people do. Also whenever she goes out it seems the media always attacks her. Let her be, it’s none of anybody’s business! Let her do the talking, it’s waaay more accurate then when y’all just take a guess of what’s going on and being all dramatic!