Kendra Wilkinson Reality Show Exposes Hank Baskett Cheating With Transsexual Ava London

Kendra Wilkinson Reality Show Exposes Hank Baskett Cheating With Transsexual Ava London

Have Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett sunk as low as other reality television stars (Yes, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, talking about you) by allowing cameras into their home as viewers watch, popcorn in hand, as the couple’s marriage slowly unravels just to keep that paycheck coming in? While Kendra is pretty genuine and raw with her feelings, and has built a career on being herself and sharing flaws, embarrassing stories, and a sordid past full of stories that would make most of us blush, it isn’t that need for authenticity pushing her to keep production going on her show Kendra on Top…it is pure greed.

Kendra and Hank are in the middle of a firestorm as the tabloids have exploded with detailed reports of the affair Hank had with a transsexual model that began shortly before his wife Kendra delivered their daughter, Alijah on May 16. In fact, Hank met model Ava London online and set up their first meeting, which would end up being their first sexual encounter, on April 22. Days before news of the affair broke, clueless Kendra was posting comments about what a wonderful husband and father Hank is. All very sad for any woman to go through, and definitely very embarrassing to have all their “dirty laundry’ exposed to the public’s viewing and scrutiny. But, money talks apparently, because Kendra and Hank have kept up production of their show, which People Magazine reports earns them $15 thousand per episode.

Kendra on Top is the only thing keeping Kendra in the spotlight now. She has grown from Girls Next Door party girl, to doting wife and mother and she doesn’t have enough staying power to make a steady income in Hollywood without Kendra on Top. Hank’s football career is over as well, so they need this show and are not about to halt production and NOT use this salacious material that will likely gain them a whole new crop of viewers. Kendra is making Hank pay for what he’s done and, as embarrassing as this may be to him, Kendra is making sure they include the entire scandal on the show so Hank has no choice but to go along with it. Kendra calls all the shots, and now she has him in a position of vulnerability and regret where he feels he must do this to keep Kendra happy and keep the paychecks rolling in. People Magazine reports that “viewers will get to see everything.”

Yes, viewers who tune in will get to see everything, except for the one thing that left long ago…the couple’s dignity.

Tell us what you think CDLers! We know you must agree that this will be an embarrassment to the marriage, but be honest, will you tune in to watch the drama unfold?

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3 responses to “Kendra Wilkinson Reality Show Exposes Hank Baskett Cheating With Transsexual Ava London”

  1. Ang Michelle says:

    This is a very private matter, obviously.
    BUT.. if you had no other way of generating income, what’s expected of them?
    Do I agree w it? No. Do I think it’s ‘healthy’ for the children? No. But I realize they kinda “painted themselves into a corner” as she wouldn’t in a MILLION YEARS think this would have happened to her life!
    NO ONE saw this coming!
    I wish the best to this family & hope they can at least try to forgive and MOVE FORWARD! That was advice I was given when I was at a low point in my life – “MOVE FORWARD” – it sounds so simple but it is rather profound. Bc ppl like to “wallow in misery” but it does you NO GOOD AT ALL!!
    Good luck! Start with my words…

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