Kenya Moore Felony Aggravated Assault Charge – Porsha William’s Lawyer Insists On It!

Kenya Moore Felony Aggravated Assault Charge - Porsha William's Lawyer Insists On It!

Oh snap! If you held any doubts that the Real Housewives of Atlanta was not a “real” reality show, perhaps this new tidbit of information will sway your opinion some. There has been an arrest warrant issued for Porsha Williams for charges stemming from the beat down she gave Kenya Moore during the taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 reunion show. It looks like Porsha is facing more than just the reality of being kicked off the show; she is now also facing up to a year in jail if convicted on charges of misdemeanor battery against Kenya.

According to TMZ:

ATL cops are going after Porsha over a fight she had with Kenya Moore on the set of the show. Porsha allegedly attacked Kenya, who filed a police report. The show has the raw footage, and that was enough to charge Porsha with misdemeanor battery — thus the warrant.

Porsha’s lawyer, Joe Habachy, tells TMZ she will surrender Thursday.

We’re also told Porsha plans to go after Kenya … she wants the D.A. to file felony aggravated assault charges against Moore.

Now there isn’t any real doubt about whether this fight “allegedly” occurred, we all know now it actually went down. Not only has the raw video footage been seen and released in stills on the Internet, but “Mr. Bravo” himself, i.e., Andy Cohen, confirmed the melee on his popular Watch What Happens Live program last Sunday. In case you missed it, Andy’s guest was Nene Leakes and she spoke on the fight as well. (Nene also spoke candidly on who should be kicked off the show and surprisingly her answer was not Kenya. But, I digress)

Now as much as Kenya may have been asking for that beat down, violence is never the answer and Porsha should have tried to vent her frustrations in a more peaceful manner without a doubt. As a result, Porsha will now have to deal with the legal consequences of her actions. Perhaps Kenya will as well too though. If Porsha moves forward with her charges of felony aggravated assault, she stands a good chance of making Kenya answer to the law for her actions as well. (Many folks are sometimes confused by the difference between assault and battery. Battery requires physical contact whereas assault does not, it only requires intent.)

There should be no doubt that Kenya came to that reunion show taping with intentions to antagonize her co-stars. C’mon, ol’ girl had a scepter and some sort of loud horn speaker. From the footage that can be viewed of the altercation, it also appeared as if Kenya and Porsha were both up in each other’s face. Of course, until the footage is viewed in its entirety with context this is all speculation. My guess is that if Porsha’s lawyer is pressing these charges, there must be some sort of evidence he plans to present in support of the charge. It seems unlikely that Kenya could be convicted on felony charges for assault if Porsha is convicted on misdemeanor charges. A felony is a more serious charge and since Kenya kept her hands to herself, it doesn’t seem fair she be charged with a more serious offense.

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