Kenya Moore Claims Porsha Williams Orchestrated Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight

Kenya Moore Claims Porsha Williams Orchestrated Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight

At this rate, all the Real Housewives of Atlanta are going to get fired for spilling the beans on the show. The producers aren’t going to like the fact that the housewives are giving interviews about how everything is manipulated behind-the-scenes, and how all the fights/drama are orchestrated beforehand. I mean, everybody already knows reality shows are full of crock, but there has to be some mystery left for the audiences to tune in, no?

NeNe Leakes was the first person to start mouthing off about the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, revealing that the entire fight between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams was manufactured and orchestrated by the producers. Now, Kenya is getting in on the action, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Porsha set up their fight on the reunion special.

However, Kenya adds that while their brawl was initially a set-up, Porsha came to the event looking to do harm – so I guess she’s not getting fired then. Even though she admitted that their fight was set up, she didn’t invoke the producers’ names nor did she blame anyone other than Porsha.

In addition to discussing the fight with Porsha, Kenya also opens up about her feud with NeNe Leakes, and claims that NeNe is ‘threatened‘ by her star power. Yeah, I think everyone is threatened by everyone else’s ‘star power’ on that show. Either that, or they start fights with each other for the dumbest reasons possible, and then continue these ‘feuds’ for a very long time under extremely thin pretenses.

In this particular situation, it’s very easy to believe that the reunion special was mostly orchestrated behind-the-scenes, especially since several cast members have now admitted to that fact. However, I think that Kenya, Porsha, and NeNe also have a little battle going on for the title of the show’s ‘lead’, and I think they’re willing to do anything to achieve that title.

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3 responses to “Kenya Moore Claims Porsha Williams Orchestrated Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight”

  1. Team Porsha says:

    Kenya is a POS!!! She has belittled and bullied Porsha from the very start. She makes excuses for every thing she has done and accepts no responsibility for the hair pulling episode. Kenya was not hit, her hair was pulled. I wish the RHOA would fire this trash!

  2. Bootsy says:

    Kenya is delusional.

  3. Shaw Sway says:

    I think that ratchet with charisma is certainly the way to climb up ladder of success on this genre of reality television. Kenya isn’t the only RHOA cast member willing to make a fool of herself on television Ms. Leakes. She has plenty of company on that show.
    I will say that the Miss USA 1993 legacy is now Miss Ratchet USA, RHOA.