Kenya Moore Pregnancy Plan: Using IVF To Get Pregnant With “African Boyfriend”

Kenya Moore Pregnancy Plan: Using IVF To Get Pregnant With "African Boyfriend"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta always knows how to drop shockers, and at the end of this season, it was revealed that Kenya Moore is finally going ahead with her plan to have a child.

Moore lost her dog recently, and she was heartbroken over the loss. Perhaps that spurred her on to have a baby faster, or maybe she felt the loss of the dog so acutely that she needed something else to occupy her time. Either way, Radar Online reports that Kenya and her ‘African Prince’ will be undergoing IVF in June to have a child. Of course, they’ll be trying to get pregnant the natural way as well, but Moore’s reportedly worried that at 43 years, she might not be able to get pregnant without help.

The whole thing played out on the season finale of RHOA, with Kenya first mourning the loss of her dog and burying him. However, she also added in her Bravo blog [after the funeral], “Clearly, a dog is not a child and can never be mistaken as one. Having a child is drastically different and life changing.”

Well, I’m glad she realizes that. However, it’s also interesting to note that Kenya is trying to get pregnant with her mysterious African boyfriend, and nobody’s seen him. None of the other Housewives have seen him, the paparazzi haven’t spotted him, and really, everyone’s starting to doubt whether he exists. It would make even more sense why Kenya is so determined to get IVF, because if she does get pregnant through the method, then she might never need this boyfriend of hers. Of course, either way, she’ll have to reveal him eventually – unless she just pretends that they broke up. But even then, if they’re technically having a child together, people will figure out if she’s lying or telling the truth eventually, no?

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  • Kathy Thompson

    Kenya Moore is psycho. To bring a bullhorn is childish. This woman should not have children. She has her own village of idiots wrapped up in herself. I feel sorry for any child that would have to be raised by her. Prayers that God will prevent her from having a child.

  • Atlanta man

    NeNe is a bitch! She had let her game go to her head and needs fired from RHOA! Leave Kenya alone people she is there to bring drama since prior to her the show was about to tank!