Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Forces Kim Kardashian and Kanye West To Change Wedding Date

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Forces Kim Kardashian and Kanye West To Change Wedding Date

Kim Kardashian is getting ready to stumble down the aisle for the third time and as expected, marriage is never easy for the reality whorelette. In fact, this time even her wedding is turning into a scramble thanks to Bruce Jenner. Kim and baby daddy Kanye West have signed on to let E! Televise the nuptials and supposedly somewhere within the initial contract that Kimmie sign it lays out that Bruce Jenner is to walk her down the aisle. That, is a huge problem because he is knee deep in his transformation into a woman.

Bruce already has the weave, grandma’s coral lipstick and the french tips. He also recently shaved his Adam’s apple (larygneal shave) and began hormone therapy. The only thing left is full gender reassignment surgery and according to our sources Bruce can’t wait to have that done. Kim wants the wedding to be perfect and realized that if she waited until June to marry Bruce may no longer resemble (step)father of the bride so she bumped up the date!

Of course Kim is one of the most selfish people on earth so in her mind this has nothing to do with Bruce being true to himself and everything to do with purposely setting out to ruin her day. Supposedly all three of the Kardashian sisters are embarrassed by Bruce’s recent changes and don’t want to be seen with him. Ironically I think Kim is perfectly capable of ruining the wedding anyway- she’s marrying a hot head! Kanye is certain to lose it over something, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Victoria McGuire

    Just more BS Crap put out by PMK & Kim to draw attention their way

    • Latasha Jackson

      Kim needs to find someone else to walk her down the aisle. Maybe her brother Rob . But I am anxious to see the payout she and future hubby Kane will receive from E! for the filming of the wedding who knows it might be for money or for love this time only time will tell!!!

      • Jordan

        Believe me it is for money. There is no gray area about it. They moved their wedding to May because of ratings and a thing called sweeps week or whatever. Just like her marriage with Kris Humphries was done for ratings, so will the wedding with Kanye.

  • Northwest Native

    I am wondering why she moved the wedding date up, this story does have a ring of truth to it…

  • Kevin 2014

    How many weddings does the country have to hear and see this whorelette go through. Wish her and her black honeys would move to China.No guy in their right mind would dream of bringing her home to his mother let alone have a kid with the slut.

    • BARB

      My thoughts exactly. No decent man would touch any of the kardashian tramps. The fact that they’re rich just goes to show how low this country’s moral compass has fallen.

    • Brock

      China produces things we all buy at the mall. They have factories with workers and production lines. It is getting that the US only can produce smut like this and good movies, and yes, of course, good porn. These are the end days of America.


    He ought to be embarrassing for Bruce to have to walk Kim down the aisle for the THIRD TIME.

  • guest

    Bruce is an attention-whore, he will be there with bells on, to walk Kim down the aisle for the third time. AND he is not a nice guy like some people believe.

    • Jordan

      ITA with you. He is just as vain, egotistical, self absorbed as the rest of the K-Trash family. I read awhile back that a school or a gym, can’t remember which, had his name on it and they had to do some maintenance for it. They asked if he would help monetarily and he told them to take a flying leap. They were so mad at his response they removed his name and then he got upset because they did that. He is nothing but an egotistical jerk.

  • Karen

    This whole post is ridiculous.

  • mary

    maybe sleeping with kris was too much on brucie boy

  • David

    Why is this family so dysfunctional and degenerate in their lifestyle, love interests, and now gender reassignment. Hollywood and fame does make a person permanently crazy. I am so glad not to fall into the liberal mental disorder.

  • Whatever

    Men are allowed to have a little vanity. He is in front of the camera 24/7…. He thinks he looks good. I think it was overly done, but hey, leave the guy alone. As a woman, I do not choose plastic surgery, especially for men, then again, I’m in my 20’s, so I should not opine on the matter. All Bruce had was a nip and tuck gone somewhat awry. And, I believe he had throat surgery due to a cancer scare, not to remove his Adam’s apple. That does not mean he wants a sex change. Ridiculous albeit no one knows what really goes on behind closed doors. Sadly, and from all appearances it does seem that these women do treat him as their personal door mat and whipping boy.

    • Wow

      nah… if the laryngeal shave had ANYTHING to do with a kancer koncern, you KNOW the K Klan would be milking it for every last sympathy cent they could make.

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  • Gumshooed

    What is with these people? They are truly the kooks of California. I could care less about Bruce or the rest of the whores! I feel sorry for Bruces sons because fortunately they have not been poisoned by the head mistress!

  • Brock

    Whatever happened to Paris Hilton? No trash talk of her for long time!!

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  • Elsa

    I like Bruce!!,think he´s been in prison for more than 20 years,and he finally got his freedom,.he probebly lost his identedy on the go Bruce do your thing be happy :)

  • Wow

    love that post

  • Pauline Kirma

    Omg im shocked at bruce sex change see you never no whats goes on in marriages or behind closed door’s
    but if thats true good luck bruce for the future everyone has to be hapoy in their lifes xx

  • Quinsanna

    Hope he doesn’t have health problems. ..thinking he waited too long..should have done younger age…good luck