Kanye West Lets E! Film and Pay for Kim Kardashian Wedding – Kanye is a Hypocrite

Kanye West Lets E! Film and Pay for Kim Kardashian Wedding - Kanye is a Hypocrite

Everyone has their price, even Kanye West. West has made it pretty clear that he does not want E! filming his personal life with his baby-mama Kim Kardashian, and their daughter North West, despite the fact that Kim has made millions off of her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But, according to Radar Online, West has agreed to let E! network film his wedding to Kim Kardashian, as long as they foot the multi-million dollar bill.

A source close to Kim Kardashian has confirmed that the reality star and Kanye West will by tying the knot in Paris, they have already secured a location, and they are planning for a June wedding. We all know how Kanye feels about the reality show, but Kim managed to convince him to let E! film their wedding when he realized the producers would cover the bill, and handle all of the planning and details. After you factor in the check for letting them film the nuptials, the sponsors from all of the companies they pimp out during the extravaganza, and the exclusive photos and videos, West and Kardashian will actually make money off from the event.

This isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has “gotten married for money.” Just a few years ago she married her ex Kris Humphries on E!, and found herself in a world of trouble when the pair separated just weeks later. During their long, dramatic divorce, Kim was brought under fire over the hundreds of thousands she made off their wedding. Humphries felt like a paycheck for Kardashian, and accused her of marrying him just to make some money off their wedding, and then leaving him high and dry once she got paid for it.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has seen a major dip in ratings, the Kimye wedding could be what the reality show needs to get back on track. Then again, there is a chance that no one will watch the event, and E! will be out millions of dollars.



9 responses to “Kanye West Lets E! Film and Pay for Kim Kardashian Wedding – Kanye is a Hypocrite”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Hopefully viewers will be repulsed by another K Trash gluttonous & greedy extravaganza. Kimmode does not need another over-the-top wedding, disgusting to think of all that money being spent on that porn ho.

  2. LadyJustice says:

    Of course Kim made money off her $17 million dollar wedding/marriage to Kris Humphries. Kim learned there is BIG MONEY in celebrity weddings. These two make me sick to my stomach. SO self indulgent! I recall Kim saying she would marry next time in a very PRIVATE affair, She is full of SHIT! All this woman does is lie and contradict herself. She is pure evil and everything that is wrong with society, her sickening family started it. She is desperately pathetic and he is a crazy man..As in “mentally ill.” I’d hate to be that girl who married the narcissistic, retarded boy from Chicago. No offense to the mentally challenged. Kanye is the one who claims to be “GOD” among other things! This will be a big failure…Ratings are very, very, low…Why can’t they just GO AWAY??? Already? Over exposed is an under statement. America is sick, sick, sick, of these people.

  3. thebutcher says:

    I would love to curb stomp that egotistical porch monkey

  4. Pamela says:

    Surprised Kanye is going for this.

  5. William Tell says:

    By now they have to know we are all sick of reading and hearing about this trashy money hungry family. No one is going to watch. The people she took gifts from are not stupid enough to go to this one and give gifts again to this slut. These marriages are a joke. And Kanye is turning into one of them…..wave some dollar signs in his nose and he’ll they them film him taking a crap.Wish they would all go away for good.They are all pathetic.

  6. Anita says:

    Well stupid BRAVO …will have to pay and pay big ….for the extra people they would have to pull off the street , homeless shelters, detox centers….shower clean them up makeovers….hahaha…because I seriously doubt theses so called friends of hers would be so stupid to invest in a plane ticket, new clothing, gifts…to attend any of her circus events AGAIN …but then maybe not you have stupid fans that would kiss or rather ride off her a$$ for a chance to be in on her charade of a marriage ….sad but true…and you know it.

  7. janie says:

    I guess he can be bought? Go figure! Where are all those principles he stood for? He’s his own man! Self made genius?? Hmm, what happened Mr. Genius? Kimmy carrying your “jewels” in that that ugly bag you had “commissioned” for Christmas for 20 grand? You are both so classless!!

  8. AnitaC24 says:

    This is a woman who basically fornicated on camera for $, so no surprise with this latest crap fest. You’d think the Enetwork would be wary since their show is headed down the drain losing viewers every week.

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