Kim Kardashian Is Hated By Her Own Child North West – Baby Nori’s Never Happy!

Kim Kardashian Is Hated By Her Own Child North West - Baby Nori's Never Happy!

Have you guys taken a really good look at the photos that pop up online of Kim Kardashian and her year old daughter, North West? They say that a person’s body language tells the real story of how they feel and if that’s the case then little Nori sure can’t stand being handled by her own mother. In nearly every photo, the kid has a scowl on her face and rather than hanging onto her mom (as most babies will instinctively do) she is usually trying to push away from her. The child doesn’t even wrap her legs around Kim half the time; instead, she ends up looking like she is dangling from her arms.

Kim has hardly proven herself to be new mom of the year either. The moments when we do catch a glimpse of Kim with her daughter are clearly intended to be staged paparazzi photo ops with Nori being dressed to match as if she’s a living accessory intended to accentuate her outfit. I don’t want to say that there’s no love here but clearly these two have yet to bond and that’s not too surprising. Kim seems pretty incapable of forming any solid connections — it’s like she doesn’t know how to dig deep enough to be real for more than an accidental second or two and there’s just no way that she can put all of her fakeness aside for a messy baby, even if she did give birth to it.

Baby daddy Kanye West demands the best of everything and at this point I hope that these two clowns have an incredible team of nannies taking care of their daughter because she needs someone to be a safety net for her. Do you think that Nori prefers spending time with the hired help over being paraded around

12 responses to “Kim Kardashian Is Hated By Her Own Child North West – Baby Nori’s Never Happy!”

  1. Sharmagne Weston says:

    I feel so bad for sad little North.

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  3. Dee D Parker says:

    I think u just need to get a life and sit your ass down some where. Matter of fact, have several seats. It’s easy for a camera to instantly capture a negative image of someone. They do that on purpose so people like u can have something to blog about. Shut up and let North West and family live their lives.

    • Waggs says:

      Poor North never smiles and always has that holy shit who are you look on her face…. She wants to go back to the arms of her mommy the NANNY!!!!

  4. ES says:

    This is such a nasty statement!why would a one year old hate anyone let alone her mother?I have no doubt that Kim is an amazing mother!!!

  5. says:

    Babies aren’t usually happy when strangers hold them. That explains the looks on her face in pics.

  6. thebutcher says:

    Awwwww, do your ears bleed when you hear the truth?

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  9. Calibabe712 says:

    Well there is such a thing as RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). Children who exhibit signs of this disorder have very difficult times in terms of never being able to form lasting relationships be they familial or friend based. Because the child has not formed these bonds during infancy and into early childhood they are at a higher risk for getting involved in drugs and have higher suicide attempts. I know this because I have seen children that come through the ER that I am coordinator of that are diagnosed with this disorder. Hopefully because she is being raised by the nannies and such she is getting the attention that infants, toddlers and young children crave and need so that as they mature they can grow up and be stong mentally .

  10. Bonnie Newman says:

    Being an incubator does not automatically make you a Mother.