Is Kordell Stewart Gay – Porsha’s Ex Trying Too Hard To Convince Us That He’s Straight With New Girlfriend Shanae Hall (VIDEO)

Is Kordell Stewart Gay - Porsha's Ex Trying Too Hard To Convince Us That He's Straight With New Girlfriend Shanae Hall (VIDEO)

Oh boy. I guess all of those sideways allegations and question marks drawn by Portia Stewart really did a number on her ex, Kordell Stewart. The couple went through a messy split this time last year and while we all knew that Kordell was a control freak, we were also left with the distinct impression that even Portia wondered if all of those rumors about her then husband being gay on the down-low were true. The rumblings have circulated for years that Kordell likes to live his life in the closet with a beard on his arm.

Atlanta-based relationship guru Shanae Hall has a matchmaking web series and Kordell recently took part in it. He was matched up with a woman called “Angel” that looks a lot like Amber Rose. In the video we see them first meeting and her getting naked in a hot tub with him pretty darn fast. I guess that this is supposed to convince us all that not only is Kordell into women, but he also likes to get them undressed on the first date.

Is anyone buying this crap? Most celebs go out of their way to keep their private life private, especially after being caught in a media hailstorm over a busted marriage. It looks to me like Kordell is trying a little too hard to convince us all that he is enjoying his freedom with various ladies now that he is single again. Do you believe that Kordell is still dating Angel as is claimed? Or is he working overtime to hide himself yet again? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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