Kris Jenner Headed To Rehab For Drinking And Partying – Report

Kris Jenner Headed To Rehab For Drinking And Partying - ReportEver since Kris Jenner‘s divorce to Bruce Jenner has been confirmed, it’s seemed to have given Kris a new lease on life – including permission for her to act like a 22-year-old? She has been partying a lot lately, and in addition to dating men half her age, she’s also reportedly been drinking way too much. OK! Magazine reports that Kris is ‘headed for a meltdown‘, and close friends and family are worried that she might need to attend rehab to get her back on track.

A source tells OK!, “Now that she’s gotten rid of Bruce, she acts like a 22-year-old sorority girl, partying around the clock. She is drinking wine all the time and is a train wreck.”

The source also makes her sound like she’s going crazy by adding, “She is now roaming the halls of FOX TV, where her short-lived ‘Kris’ talk show was produced, hoping to buttonhole anyone she can with pleas to revive it.”

While it’s pretty obvious that Kris is acting like someone half her age, there’s no way she’s given permission to roam the halls of Fox TV, especially if she’s harassing people to put her show back on air. There is very strict security on all these studio offices and lots, and I doubt they’d be letting Kris back in unless she had a legitimate reason.

However, while that part of the story might be stretching the truth a little bit, it’s completely believable that she’s trying to relive her youth by partying and drinking like a sorority girl. It might be a phase but if it lasts longer than a few months, her family would be smart to get her help.

  • Angel 2009

    The Pimp has been hitting the bottle for years but there was a story out there that the makeup people on her cancelled show had to work miracles every day to cover up her party hearty face.

    • Victoria McGuire

      Get a psychiatrist to put her under with truth serum and get all the lies on paper or a recording.. Then reprogram her to be more humble and less controlling. Very hard to do with a narcissist tho.