LeAnn & Eddie Recap 8/7/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Eating and Tweeting”

LeAnn & Eddie Recap 8/7/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Eating and Tweeting”

Tonight on VH1 LEANN & EDDIE airs with a premiere episode called, “Eating and Tweeting.” On tonight’s A public-relations drama unfolds when LeAnn accidentally sends a photo of her derriere on Twitter. Meanwhile, Eddie discovers he must wear a bathing suit for an upcoming photo shoot.

On the last episode during a whirlwind trip, LeAnn tried to make time for dad, who she has shared a tenuous relationship with over the years. Visiting Tennessee where LeAnn’s father lives, Eddie referred to the man as intimidating  because he watched him wrangle a steer while smoking a cigarette. LeAnn and Eddie made spending time with her father a priority on this trip. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, LeAnn accidentally tweets a picture of her butt, which causes a minor PR stir that she tries to defuse. Plus, Eddie finds out last minute that his upcoming Menʼs Fitness photo shoot is an bathing suit.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual LeAnn & Eddie drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about “LeAnn & Eddie”.

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LeAnn and Eddie go to a meat market. They have 25 guests coming and Eddie says Leann tends to overbuy. He doesn’t want stuck with leftovers. Leann wants ribs and wants to buy 12 racks of ribs but he wants to order just four. They settle on six racks and some steaks. He keeps trying to talk her down on quantities. She orders sausage, tip roasts and more. Eddie says he married an unstoppable spending machine.

At home, she asks him if he’s ready for the barbecue. She has invited her publicist Kira and says she’s made life hard on her. She says Kira has told her to stay on the down low and not get into any Twitter wars. He says she doesn’t start them and she says she reacts to stupidity. (Slam on Brandi) He asks what’s BTW and she explains it and says when he hit 40, he became less trendy.

Eddie tells her he’s doing a photo shoot in a suit by the pool. He panics because it’s two weeks out. She tells him to stop after the barbecue. He says he has to work out twice a day and starve and she says shell be a bitch. He asks about a picture she tweeted and she says she tweeted her pancakes she made. He shows her that her ass in a thing is showing. He tells her to delete it and says everyone will freak.

She says he’s the one starving himself and she’s the one who everyone thinks has an eating disorder. At the barbecue, Eddie offers a chicken fight and tries to talk LeAnn’s mom Belinda into it. She says she doesn’t want her hair wet. Her mom asks about her butt on Twitter. She says her mom is conservative and her mom says everyone is going to be judgmental.

Eddie says LeAnn ha good butt genes and she laughs and turns around to show hers. Eddie is being tormented about the meat. His trainer MJ is there for moral support but the trainer is stuffing his face and moaning. Eddie asks him not to eat it in his face. Hortensia, Eddie’s mom, comes in with rhubarb pies and he’s in hell.

Terrell comes in (Eddie’s assistant) and has cake. Eddie asks to smell them but is nursing a salad. He sees the cake says Happy Birthday Lisa and says he should call the bakery and return it. Eddie is sad because everyone is hogging out and he can’t even have dressing on his salad. LeAnn is looking at costumes for a performance. She says growing up she never thought of all the stuff that goes with it like fashion.

The stylist suggests some sexier stuff but she says she wants to be more conservative. She tries on a few – one is too tight to sing in. Another is fine. He mentions the back of a dress then asks about the butt tweet. She is appalled. She says people shouldn’t just talk about her ass – she says she has boobs too. She tells her stylist to focus on the tour.

MJ is at the gym with Eddie trying to get him ready for the shoot. Eddie is dead lifting and doing a bunch of crazy stuff. Eddie says he’s too old for this. Terrell is there and is totally slacking. Eddie says Terrell is terrible at the gym BTW. Kira calls LeAnn and tells her that she’s trending #RimesWithBooty. She tells her to Google LeAnn Rimes butt pic. LeAnn says the good thing is that her affair is down to the 14th result.

LeAnn says this is her fault but doesn’t know how she ends up screwing herself over and over again. Eddie asks about Booty Gate and she tells him it’s trending. She says her major concern is her step-kids and they can Google her and see things. LeAnn says he has a wife with a popular butt and Eddie says he’s the biggest fan of her booty.

It’s the day before Eddie’s photo shoot and he’s getting a spray tan. Terrell says he needs some ab definition. The spray tanner tells him to strip to his underwear. Eddie says this is slightly less masculine than a mani/pedi. She blows the tint on him and then adds shading to his muscles. LeAnn heads to see Kira and asks how serious it is. Kira says it’s not sex tape bad, but not what they want for her image. She says it’s the last thing she needs.

LeAnn says that she’s done one negative thing (the affair) and everything since then has been seen as negative. Kira says they need to wait for someone else to screw up worse but LeAnn doesn’t want to sit on her hands and wait. Eddie is at his photo shoot. He tells Terrell when it’s done they are headed to In and Out for a double double.

Eddie is shown suits that he’ll be wearing. He says he thought they were bathing suits. Eddie is ready to kill Terrell and he says he thought bathing suits since it was to be near the pool. He tells Terrell to go get him burgers, donuts and a milkshake while Eddie poses. He looks good in his suit. Terrell says he looks good. Then they have him jump into the pool with the suit on for a cool photo.

At home, Eddie comes in eating and says he’s fat and happy. He asks about Kira. She says they could take legal action, let it die down or distract from it. LeAnn asks how much he loves her and tells him to say yes. He agrees as long as it doesn’t involve dieting. She tells him she loves him and he wonders what he’s gotten himself into.

LeAnn tells Eddie to lift his shirt. She wants to take a pic of his butt. She wants to go full butt and he says he loves her half butt. She tells him to smile and take a pic of his butt crack. He asks if she’s happy now and she slaps his butt and says she is. Eddie is eating pie in bed and she says she’s happy his butt has been retweeted over and over and says he saved her ass literally.

He tells her he loves her and now he wants a different kind of pie. She laughs wickedly.