Brandi Glanville Furious She Wasn’t Invited to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s Birthday Party For Son Jake – Payback For Not Telling Them Mason Was In Hospital?

Brandi Glanville Furious She Wasn’t Invited to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's Birthday Party For Son Jake – Payback For Not Telling Them Mason Was In Hospital?

And, the ridiculous feud between the two most contentious co-parents in the world, LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville, wages on. On Friday, April 11th Eddie and LeAnn celebrated Eddie’s son Jake’s birthday by throwing him a party at Sky High Trampoline Park in Woodland Hills. Brandi is currently in NYC filming Celebrity Apprentice (allegedly making a mess of that) and apparently is distraught over not being included in Jake’s birthday party plans.

Several websites reported over the weekend that Brandi was furious that Eddie and Leann threw Jake a birthday party without including her, or even telling her about the party ahead of time. A source close to Glanville told Radar Online that, “If they’d have waited until next weekend, she could have been there. She was pissed off and sad. Brandi would have been happy to have paid for half the party and maybe they could have done something bigger.

I really try to remain neutral when it comes to Brandi Glanville and Leann Rimes’ ridiculous never-ending feud. Jake’s birthday party seems like nothing more than a game of tit for tat, and Leann is just getting even with Brandi for not including her in Mason’s trip to the hospital. Just two weeks ago Jakes’ brother Mason was rushed to the hospital due to an allergic reaction, and Brandi didn’t bother calling Leann and Eddie until several hours later. And, then she didn’t even speak to Eddie, she had Mason call his Dad himself and fill him in. So, if Brandi doesn’t think she should have to co-parent when it comes to medical emergencies, then why should Eddie and Leann have to co-parent when it comes to something as petty as a birthday party? Mason could have died and Brandi didn’t call them. Why should they call her over a silly irrelevant party?

Here’s my issue with the birthday party feud, aside from the petty tit for tat game. The bottom line is Brandi knows when her son’s birthday is, she gave birth to him. If she wanted to celebrate his birthday that badly then she should have made an effort to be in the same state as him on his birthday and reached out to Eddie and Leann and made plans with them. If Brandi didn’t contact Eddie or Leann and tell them she wasn’t able to celebrate Jake’s birthday until next weekend, then how can she really be that upset that they went ahead and had a party with him.

So, what’s your theory on the latest Leann Rimes and Brandi Glanville co-parenting debacle? Is it Eddie and Leann’s responsibility to plan Jake’s party with and around Brandi? Is Brandi being hypocritical by expecting Eddie and Leann to call her to plan a party when she didn’t bother to call them and tell them that Mason was in the hospital? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Leann Rimes holds a friend’s baby while watching Eddie Cibrian’s son play some baseball on April 13, 2014 in Calabasas, California

4 responses to “Brandi Glanville Furious She Wasn’t Invited to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s Birthday Party For Son Jake – Payback For Not Telling Them Mason Was In Hospital?”

  1. Harleyloverx2 says:

    You know what I think Amanda? I think your A$$ needs to be fired!!! Biased bulls hit of a story AGAIN…..
    QUICK QUESTION?? Did you get you’re free ipad from that ugly,greasing, nasty looking hooker yet?? Lol

    • jody says:

      uhmm Brandi is a bit of a drunken bimbo, no? – not to mention the biggest famewhore with a racist mouth in Hollywood

  2. Katy says:

    Wasn’t there an issue that Leann and Eddie blocked Brandi from communicating with them (I think they even said that in an interview)? I thought something like that happened, and if that is the case, how would Brandi have gotten into contact with Eddie and Leann to say anything about Jake’s birthday party?

    I think Leann may have blocked Brandi from her (confirmed) Twitter, because after Brandi tweeted about Jake in the hospital, Leann wrote that she heard about it from a friend (not to mention she then shaded Brandi for not calling, even though she and Eddie did the same exact thing when one of Brandi’s kids went to the hospital under their watch). If Leann blocked Brandi on Twitter, I find it believable that she blocked Brandi from contacting her in other ways (and she probably had Eddie block Brandi after all of those reconciliation rumors)

  3. Guest says:

    Um, Brandi was in NYC filming and has been for several weeks while the kids are with their father and stepmother full-time. It would have been impossible for her to go… And Brandi Tweeted pictures of the kids during the party before Leann even did, so it means either Eddie or Leann had to be communicating with her and keeping her informed by sending pics of the event and kids… A very amicable act. And LeAnn has been tweeting about the party for well over a month, so it wasn’t some secret.

    There is no story, squabble, or revenge here… A long planned by their father/stepmother birthday party occurred while mom was working on the other side of the country. The weekend of the hospital trip, the kids were in NYC celebrating with a small party and attending Broadway show with their mom. They never had joint parties, this year was no different.

    This article makes up a fight where there clearly isn’t one.