LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Bash Brandi Glanville In Trashy New Reality Show Promo!

LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Bash Brandi Glanville In Trashy New Reality Show Promo!

LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian are diving into the world of reality TV where they and their family will be featured in an ongoing series, “LeAnn & Eddie,” set to air on VH1. Not sure how many people are planning on tuning in, but if they keep relying on the tension and drama between LeAnn and her archnemesis, Brandi Glanville, then they just might be able to garner some decent ratings! Seems like the the network understands this, as it recently released a promo clip featuring Eddie and LeAnn bashing Brandi. . . .

But after receiving backlash from countless (sane) individuals who realize that it’s absolutely ridiculous for LeAnn/Eddie to sit around and bash Brandi all day, the network pulled the promo clips littering the web. Because they realized . . . Hmm, maybe this is sorta trashy.

In the new promo trailer, Eddie and LeAnn took a jab at Eddie’s $50 million divorce. Of course, Brandi was at the center of this divorce and it seems as if she’s become the subject of some unnecessary joking. How often do you think LeAnn and Eddie will bring in Brandi’s name to the show and use her as a rating’s pull? Obviously, it’s not just Brandi’s name that draws attention, but the conversation that develops when her name leaves the venomous lips of LeAnn.

Simply put, people can’t get themselves enough gossip about the LeAnn Rimes/Brandi Glanville feud, so you know she’s going to play it up as MUCH as she can. What do you make of this couple’s new show? Do you expect it to be an interesting watch? Or are you looking forward to it crashing and burning? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to check out the video clip below!

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  • Seattle Stepmom

    Why do I think this whole show is about LeAnn’s constant quest to show everyone she is the good guy and Brandi is the bad guy? Lady, just acknowledge that you were the one chasing after someone’s husband, there are no circumstances where you end up being the victim. Like how LeAnn constantly has little passive aggressive digs at Brandi on twitter and Brandi ignores them; news flash-people recognize who desperately keeps this going, regardless of your claims of needing to respond with “your truth”. Just live your life, congratulations, you won! Sorry the prize turned out to be a talentless, gutless douche who would participate in this type of trash, must be disappointing.

  • Harleyloverx2

    I wont watch that trash & give them ratings!!!!!BOYCOTT!!!!!!

  • Talisian

    I am not a Country Fan, I have never listened to Leann’s recordings, I have never recognized Eddie from anything other that Brandi Granville’s constant attacks on him on the RHOBH. Is there a correct way to end a horrific marriage? Oh, course there is. Do most people end their marriages with dignity and respect? Not usually! What is the quickest way to end a marriage? Adultery? Bingo!
    Now, here is the deal. I am a guy. I don’t condone cheating, period, but it happens more often than not. However, I detest Brandi Granville. She is a pathological liar, she lacks sanity, rational thought, she is a back stabber, a sociopathic passive aggressive victim and she sucks the energy out of every room she enters. She is incapable of honesty, has a foul mouth, is a stalker and she is a ticking time bomb. Brandi is bat shyte crazy.
    I hope they talk about Brandi during all their episodes. Brandi owes Leann & Eddie her stupid Reality Show career because we wouldn’t even know who she is, or care, if LeAnn was not a big name.
    Do I feel sorry for Brandi? Not really. She is a famewhore. Is it sad when a marriage breaks up. Dude, most marriages end in divorce. Would any of you honestly want to be married to Brandi Granville? Or, LeAnn? No!
    Will I watch their series? No, but I will have it on in the background. Why? I can’t stand Brandi Granville .

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