Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian With Brandi Glanville’s Sons Mason and Jake – Family Beach Day Photos

Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian With Brandi Glanville’s Sons Mason and Jake - Family Beach Day Photos

Either Leann Rimes spend literally every waking moment of her life on the beach, or the rumors are true and the jaded star calls paparazzi and gives them a heads up before she heads to the beach to ensure she is photographed and makes headlines. It looks like the country star is up to her old tricks and determined to appear like a better mother than Brandi Glanville (Leann may be crazy, but Brandi is a drunk mess-so in my opinion it is a toss up.)

Yesterday, April 19th, Leann and her hubby Eddie Cibrian headed to the beach in Ventura California with Mason and Jake (Eddie’s children with RHOBH star Brandi Glanville). Leann, Eddie, and the boys ate a picnic lunch together and then played volleyball. The photographs the paparazzi took yesterday are picture perfect and look like they have fallen out of an issue of Good Housekeeping – which leads us to believe they were 100% staged.

Leann has been under fire dozens of times for dressing inappropriately around Eddie’s young boys Mason and Jake, and wearing clothing that is way too revealing for a step-mother. Leann, completely aware that there would be paparazzi on site (since she called them), gave up an opportunity to show off he bikini bod and wore a cover up the majority of the time. In a few photos she was wearing bikini bottoms, but never took off her tank top. This leads us to believe either Leann’s bikini body isn’t up to par this Spring, or she has been reading all of the tabloids about herself and didn’t want to frolic on the beach half nude with her step-sons and give the magazines any more ammunition than they already have.

Do you think this photo-op was completely staged? Or, do you think that Eddie and Leann really have cliché family days like the one they had yesterday at the beach in Ventura, California? Was this just another “I’m A Better Mom That Brandi Glanville Campaign?” Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • Mercedes

    Not an appropriate suit to wear on a day to the beach with the step-kids.

    • Kitty Kat

      Maybe she can find a full body armored suit to wear to the beach next time would that be appropriate enough? You people are nuts! Writing a bunch of dumb crap about a woman you don’t even know and posting it under different handles. If you have all this hate for a stranger it makes me wonder how you treat people that you do know? Seriously get a life and stop worrying about LeAnn’s bathing suits.

  • Mercedes

    Brandi is not allowed to parade her kids in public like these two are and every time I have seen Brandi with her children she was dressed appropriately.

    • drdebo cherry

      she’s only allowed to appear in public drunk repeatedly and ruin her reputation and that of her children. Have you ever thought what her antics are costing her boys- their school administrators, the children and the children’s parents- who tell their children what to think- she has ruined THEIR reputations and therein lives.

  • Kitty Kat

    Why are you always looking at her crack? Ever ask yourself that question? Maybe the boys aren’t as concerned as you are with looking at LeAnn’s @ss!

  • drdebo cherry

    she is such an innocent- frumpy girl/cocoon always wanted to be thin and attract/butterfly- to attract a “beautiful” man…..well, it was finally her time and she did and LEAVE HER ALONE…she didn’t do anything to you- she is a huge talent that never had nothing….nothing wrong with her snagging the man of “her” dreams (like Tori- her “her” dreams- not yours). SHE HAS Committed no Crime- this is her life too. And haters remember he and your- virtual-lover-Brandi, were SEPERATED- and had no real relationship anyhow. I dislike him and don’t think he’s worthy of her- but – again- like Tori- this is about THEM not us.

  • Miss G

    Leann started to comment on herself here
    also? interesting

    Leann looks OK here and that it is all because
    she is back on her pills ways- no big surprise here

    At general she is so inappropriate

    Celebes get divorced every day and it
    sometimes include breaking a family but no one and I mean no one is acting like
    a total crazy person like LeAnn

    This is why nobody (ok maybe 10 people)
    likes her and the only reason people read about her is the same like me

    We want to see the sh**t goes down on her


    I want to see all of this bad thing she did
    (and we know what she did thanks to some blogs and haters on Twitter) come
    right back at her

    It just a question of time

    Get out of here Leeann, nobody believes for
    a second that you have supports

    God Bless you

  • Kay.

    Ugh. She’s getting too skinny again. :/

  • marcy

    Warren, You are a dirty man

  • Guest

    Warren, You are on every single leann blog posting about her body and how hot she is. You’re on twitter, balding and old and fat, and your comments are extremely lecherous and predatory. No one cares how hot leann is, this is not the discussion here. Leann is a horrible woman who relentlessy pursued a married man, offering him sex, money, and a promise of an extragavent life, and Eddie is a weak man w/ a weak character who eventually got worn down from her seduction act. Some men are weak like that. He didnt want to leave his wife(brandi) he just wanted his cake & eat it too.Leann knowing this, schemed and devised and executed her own plan to split the Cibrians up. She hired a firm to set survelliance cameras in and out of the restaurant that caught them making out and her team sold it to US magazine so that Brandi would have proof of their affair, get embarrassed, and throw him out into the arms of leann. She’s worse than any hater spewing hater at her. She deliberately broke up a family w small kids so that she can meet her own needs and desires. If anyone meets the true criteria for “Hater”, its Leaann Rimes. She has a low character, and is vile and trashy, and is psycho. Stalking and emulating and trying to outdo Brandi speaks volumes about her mental state.

  • Kenni

    First, brandi doesn’t drink unless the kids aren’t with her. She’s mostly done it for the show – where all the other moms drink too. The drunken tampon string night was her BIRTHDAY—many women over the age of 35 still go out and party on their bdays in LA. Maybe not in country bumpkin Nebraska but it’s a thing to go out even in your 40s in LA, there’s always functions. Brandi only started drinking after the divorce and has admitted numerous times she’s trying o cut down. She admits it and has apologized for it. Leann doesn’t admit anything and it’s a lot harder to solve “crazy”

  • Kay.

    I mean she looks fine, but I like her a bit chunkier. But whatever. As long as she’s not like how she was in 2011/2012, then great.