Longmire Cancellation Update: Debbie Reynolds and Longmire Posse Fight to Save Popular A&E Show – Older Viewer Discrimination?

Longmire Cancellation Update: Debbie Reynolds and Longmire Posse Fight to Save Popular A&E Show - Older Viewer Discrimination?
The recent cancellation of A&E’s western drama Longmire has left Fans in an uproar since August when the network axed the popular show. Longmire was cancelled because it wasn’t appealing to their younger demographic, 18-49 year olds, and the audience was comprised of a slightly older average demographic. Ironically, it was bringing in over four million viewers and was easily A&E’s most successful scripted series, the only problem was the viewers were older than advertisers liked to see, thus the cancellation.

GLOBE Magazine has joined forces with diehard fan group Longmire Posse to encourage Longmire fans to boycott A&E, and petition to have another network like USA or Netflix pick up the western series. In the October 27th edition of GLOBE Magazine columnist Debbie Reynolds, who is known for her superb advice, weighed in on the issue and offered Longmire fans her two cents. So, what does Debbie have to say to Longmire fans? “Vote with your remotes!” Reynolds reminded fans that there is power in numbers, and ratings are everything. If Longmire fans want A&E to acknowledge them, the best way to make themselves heard is to stop tuning in to the network all together and hurt them where it counts, their ratings.

Longmire fans need to stay strong and solidified against A&E. And, with this much uproar being made over the drama, other networks will realize how powerful the Longmire fanbase really is, and will want to pick up the series. The Longmire Posse and GLOBE aren’t just fighting for Longmire, axing TV shows because their viewers are “too old” seems to be a trend with networks, and Longmire is just one of the many shows that fans could lose. Just because you aren’t between the ages of 18-49 doesn’t mean your viewership doesn’t matter!

So, have you joined Longmire Posse on Facebook yet? Are you one of the fans who have recently boycotted A&E for the cancellation? What actions have you taken to try and save Longmire? Let us know in the comment section below!


8 responses to “Longmire Cancellation Update: Debbie Reynolds and Longmire Posse Fight to Save Popular A&E Show – Older Viewer Discrimination?”

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  2. Eileen says:

    I dropped A&E from my satellite lineup when Longmire was canceled. Longmire was/is the best scripted show to ever grace the small screen. The ageism factored into this decision would in most cases be settled in a court of law. Age discrimination is against the law. The fact that a network and/or its advertisers (I didn’t see any news of the advertisers weighing in to save the show) made a decision based on the age of the viewers is outrageous. It again shows the lack of intelligence of this particular network because the sought after demographic (18-34) can’t afford the big ticket items being advertised. How many 18-34 year olds can afford a $50,000 truck or car? How many qualify for a platinum credit card? Not many. However, I can afford those things but I’m not in the desired demographic. The very people who CAN afford those things, are the people the advertisers and the network didn’t want. Well I did vote with my remote and my bank account and my discretionary income. I am hoping that there is an intelligent network exec out there that recognizes the value in the 5.6 million already established fan base and know that with proper showcasing of this wonderful show, the fan base will double or triple. I also hope the advertisers of every show out there realizes that their money/hope lie not in the currently desired demographic but with the very folks they are currently relegating to the back of the bus.

  3. Timothy Maynor says:

    I’m 21 and I like this show. It saddens me that they let something valuable slip through their fingers. It’s like letting the wind blow a $50 bill out of your hands. Longmire is an awesome show. It sort of, pulls you in. Sometimes I forget I’m in the recliner, because I get so into it. So if A&E wants to through somthing good away, someone that is smart will pick them up. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  4. Nancy Whitehouse says:

    I no longer watch A& E because they aced Longmire

  5. Pat says:

    I have no reason to watch A&E since they cancelled Longmire. Easy boycott for me!!

  6. Amarie says:

    I’m in the desired age bracket and am ticked off they dropped the show! I love Duck Dynasty too, but I won’t be watching ANYTHING A&E offers anymore!

  7. Robert Horn says:

    I have not watched one second of the network A&E since the cancelation of Longmire was announced!

  8. Mary says:

    I dropped watching A&E, Netflix is carrying it but what if a person doesn’t have Netflix? I won’t get to see Longmire but at least it wasn’t dropped. Guess when ur the older generation, you don’t count! Discrimination! I was in the armed forces, during Vietnam, guess I’m too old to be counted!! A&E, what’s wrong with you!! I’m disappointed in your network. Guess you don’t exist with me as I don’t exist with you.