‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Reunion Brawl – Police Called to Break Up Fights on Set – SEE VIDEO

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Reunion Brawl - Police Called to Break Up Fights on Set - SEE VIDEO

If you don’t keep up with the popular reality TV series Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, maybe this latest bit of tea from the ATL will persuade you to start. Although it has not been officially confirmed, word on the Internet curb is that the reunion show is being taped in New York today and that fists went flying on the set. Details are sketchy, but some good ol’ fashioned Twitter and Instagram snooping has helped us piece together some of what has gone down between the cast and crew in the past 48 hours.

The biggest hint that something big went down at the taping was found on the VH1 official LHHATL Twitter account where this little gem was tweeted, “Sh*t just got real at the #LHHATL reunion. Y’all have no idea…More info to come.” Well a little more digging turned up some interesting tweets from none other than Benzino’s fiancée Althea Heart. Most of them suggest that Althea (or “hoethea” as she is called by some of the starring LHHATL ladies) put the paws on Joseline Hernandez, “wife” of Stevie J. The most telling was a re-tweet congratulating Althea for “beatin @MsJoseline a*s at #lhhatl reunion We The People want to thank you for ending our long wait.

Okay, so maybe this is all a bit confusing. If so, please see some of CDL episode recaps to properly catch up.  Basically Stevie J. and Benzino are close friends and business partners. Joseline is married to Stevie J. and Althea is married to Benzino; just because the guys are friends, doesn’t mean their respective ladies are friends. They are much more like enemies. Althea has garnered a reputation as a promiscuous woman among the other ladies of the cast. One of the men she has been accused of sleeping with is none other than Stevie J., her fiancé’s closest friend.

Althea confessed to Benzino that she slept with Stevie; Stevie denied sleeping with Althea to both Benzino and Joseline. Joseline heard about Althea and Stevie’s relationship from her friends, but she did not believe Stevie and wanted to fight Althea. (I know…it is a little complicated) Well fast forward to the present; Stevie J tweeted out a photo of Althea naked in a hot tub leaning in the nether region of an unidentified male. The caption beneath the photo said “Lettuce anyone??” suggesting that the man in the picture may be Stevie J. himself. Well, the photo sparked a Twitter battle between Stevie, Althea and Benzino.

Quite honestly, it is way too much Twitter beef to air out and repeat word for word here. If you are interested, CDL assures you that if you “seek, ye shall find” the screen shots. (Most of the damaging tweets have since been deleted from the official Twitter profiles) Just know that it got quite real, finally. Here is the thing, LHHATL scenes have seemed mighty scripted the last few episodes.  This latest beef suggests that there is real drama going on behind the scenes. Most likely the cameras are not around to catch all the beef as it gets cooked, so the producers have all the stars of the shows re-creating the real life drama. This is of course just a guess. Consider the episode where Benzino’s mother dies and the whole shooting goes down. Clearly all these things actually happened but when watching them depicted on television, the viewer clearly senses it is not the real thing unfolding before their eyes.

Whatever the case, it seems the reunion show holds all the promise that reality television offers. Real life and real drama. As Stevie J said in one of his most recent tweets, “The reunion for @VH1 #LHHATL will be epic!!” As we wait in somewhat great anticipation for the reunion show to air, it seems we have a bit of dirty laundry to wash out. What do you make of all this? Does the Stevie J. and Benzino beef seem like the real deal or is it manufactured for a VH1 check? Does anyone think that Althea beat up Joseline “Jose” Hernandez? Wash it out. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

17 responses to “‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Reunion Brawl – Police Called to Break Up Fights on Set – SEE VIDEO”

  1. Linda Diaz says:

    I hear you on that. I dont think Joseline will allow Anyone, get that close to swing at her. But, it may and can happen if you’re caught off guard.
    To me, watching Althea, there is something about her I just do not like. She seem to sneaky and eager to marry Benzino. I hope she doesn’t play him. Which I think she will at the end…????

  2. Josette says:

    Shut the front door!!! All you muther fuckin haters. All them bitches have attitude problems. Lets not forget Hoethea only told Benzino about Stevie J was because she knew it was eventually was coming to light. Not because she an ANGEL, OK.SHE SMASH ALL THE HOMIE. No not the whole world wanted to see any fighting. Not towards Joseline or no one for that matter. For anyone to be attacking Joseline character, lets not forget about yah girl MiMi and Nikko. NoNoNo! I dont like what she did without thinking about the consequences for her daughter.So please give me a break, now I not saying Joseline is no Angel but there a lot of people that need there ass beat with a belt, starting with MiMi. Point ……Blank……Period!!!

  3. Valerie Perkins says:

    Everybody have there opinion about the show and the cast. Let’s remember at the end of the day they get a nice check.yes I believe some of it may be scripted but how else can you remain relevant and interesting if you don’t have anything going on. Take mama Dee for example if she doesn’t get in Lil Scrappy relationship what else do she have going on not a damn thing. Gotta get dat bread ! K.redd knew young joc was married but again she need a story line to remain on the show. Erica Dixon not with scrappy anymore can u tell she didn’t get much t.v. time. Stop hating on mimi and nikko they know how to get dat bread!!!!!!

  4. Bossmade says:

    No, Althea weak ass and she don’t like Benzino. I bet he make your flush crowl. No good bitch Ms Joseline you that shit. Rasheeda no rapping oh following ass sit down and take pretty pictures. .

  5. mo says:


  6. Johnna S. Barlow-Jackson says:

    Nuff Said!

  7. Johnna S. Barlow-Jackson says:

    Love this comment!

  8. Mia Gibson says:

    love hip hop atlantas cast star women stars female bullie joseline hernandezs karlie redd mimi fausts erica pinkett as well. kalianna harper erica dixon are all very really so always rude mean shady disrespectful to their new costar member alot. bambi bentons althea hearts and i feel so bad sorry for them both. bambi bentons althea hearts my favorite cast member on show.

  9. Mia Gibson says:

    and i dont like that mean nick name they always call althea alot joseline hernandezs had has no business to be really also as well. putting her hands fight on with althea hearts as well on that tv show. just like erica pinkett had has no business to be really also as well. putting her hands fight on with bambi bentons on that tv show.

  10. Mia Gibson says:

    joseline hernandezs karlie redd mimi fausts erica pinkett. kaleanna harper erica dixon are all too exermly very so rude mean shady disrespectful troublemaker female bullie as well. to their new costar bambi bentons althea hearts on lhha tv show and i feel so bad sorry for them both as well bambi and althea.

  11. Mia Gibson says:

    i would have jumped in to help protects althea hearts as well while she was attacked by joseline at the reunion show she was wrong for what she did to althea hearts as well.

  12. Mia Gibson says:

    joseline hernandezs karlie redd erica pinkett mimi fausts. erica dixon kalianna harper rasheeda burkners tami rivera. are all very so rude mean shady disrepsectful to costar new costars. theres no excuse at all for them to treat their costar friend the way they do.

    • Joseph Jennings says:

      Its a complete waste of time…im sure we all have our own drama to deal with…..the real truth …….they all get paid a good $$$…for there roles…..they are mostly bad actors getting paid to much for complete NON SENSE….

  13. Shay says:

    I believe that Joseline is insecure with self. I also feel that Erica been around Scrappy and his mom so long that she is bipolar as well. Karlie Red was seems to be the type that is always out for more. Karlie was wrong for removing Young Jock from the song on a personal note. Mimi is my favorite because she is real and she loves hard and for her to keep being treated the way she has only means that she should take her time before diving into another relationship. God will send you someone just for you if you wait. I like Scrappy but the Prince is messed up. Stevie J seemed to be more mature this episode, not so arrogant. Benzino more childish and Althea I believe you have to watch out for her. Love is a good thing but you have to know that females of the industry are thirsty. They might have their own but they want more.

  14. Kendraiyana says:

    Lets be honest althea did beat that ass cause althea got off in that thanng it dont matter unless you know you got it shut the [expletive] up if you wasn’t there I saw with my own to etes althea tammy and deb wooped that ass thats all it is period point blank kmsl

  15. Linda Diaz says:

    Only time will tell…he’s in for a rude-awakening when she decides to walk away with ALL of his life’s work. No pre-nup..that’s what will happen. Sneaky she is!

  16. Linda Diaz says:

    She said, she was protecting her daughter-in-law because Waka wasn’t there…