Lucille Ball’s Secret Love Child Discovered: Madeline Jane Dee Put Up For Adoption In Favor of Lucy’s Career

Lucille Ball's Secret Love Child Discovered: Madeline Jane Dee Put Up For Adoption In Favor of Lucy's Career

Things in Hollywood are rarely ever the way that they seem and sometimes the truth really does lie in some of the more outlandish rumors. Even after celebs die the controversies that surrounded them in life still continue on. GLOBE Magazine has the market pretty much cornered when it comes to covering the big classic Hollywood stars and in their Jan. 20th print edition there is a bombshell exclusive about Lucille Ball.

According to a woman named Cassandria Carlson, her mother was actually Lucy’s secret love child. Madeline Jane Dee was born in May of 1947 and quickly placed in the care of a nurse named Ruth Smith. This woman and her husband raised Dee and Cassandria approached Smith for more info after her mother was killed in an accident in 2003. That’s when Smith confessed that Lucy was in fact Dee’s birth mother. This nugget of information made sense to Cassandria because growing up there was a brash redhead named Mrs. Morton that was always around or meeting her family in different places. Lucy married Gary Morton in 1961… .

Cassandria also maintains that while her father earned a decent living and her mom never worked, the family was always showered with gifts from Mrs. Morton. The solid proof that Cassandria has uncovered is a legal document signed by Lucy giving custody of her daughter to Smith for an undisclosed period of time. So why would Lucy, who supposedly battled infertility for years, give up a child? Perhaps because in June of 1947 she was set to begin a 6 month tour with the play Dream Girl. According to Cassandria Lucy chose her blooming career over motherhood at that point. Do you believe her story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Louise Joles

    I believe it. Lucy seemed like a pretty ambitious person and was focused on making it big, which she did. The I love Lucy show was a goldmine for Lucy and Desi, so the

    showering of gifts seems logical.


    Considering the times when this allegedly happened it makes perfect sense to me.

  • drdebo cherry


    • Victoria McGuire

      Me too

  • bjrbasura

    The resemblance is striking? I keep staring at that picture trying to find ANY resemblance to Lucille Ball or Desi Arnaz, and I don’t see any. And by the way, she is claiming Desi is the father, not the product of some extramarital affair. I’m not saying her story is not true, but I can’t accept that it is unless this woman provides details for people to independently examine. And the story makes no sense to me. This woman originally claimed her mother was the love child of Lucy and Desi and it would have been scandalous if the public found out. But they had been married for six years at that time! So what scandal? More recently, the claim has shifted that the child was given away because it would get in the way of Lucy’s career ambitions. But back in those days, it was VERY common for celebrities to hire nannies to care for their children. Why wouldn’t Lucille Ball do the same? This seems like an awful lot of trouble for her to go through, keeping this huge secret and spending her life hiding a child, rather than just hiring a nanny. Someone help me understand.

    • chris prit

      There are photos online of Cassandra and her smile is exactly that of Desi Arnaz jr. Look at her twitter site. The singer Joni Mitchell did this same thing and when her child was grown, found her. Court documents dont lie, unless they have been tampered with. I think this girl is absolutely teliing the truth.

  • bjrbasura

    Actually, she claims that Desi was the biological father, so she’s changed her name to Arnaz. This is why I find this story hard to swallow. If she was too ambitious to have to deal with a child, why couldn’t she just hire a nanny like other celebrities did in those days.? HIding a child and keeping this huge secret all your life seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through, and a huge risk, when all she needed to do was hire a nanny.

  • GF

    Do a DNA test and then you’ll know if this allegation is true.

  • GF

    Well, I looked a whole lot like Judy Garland when I was a kid but that doesn’t mean that SHE was my mother!

  • chris prit

    If this is in legal papers. of course I believe it. The sadness, among many in this case is Lucie Arnaz, Ball;s daughter seems to be in complete denial that the poor woman killed in the accident was her sister. I lost respect for Lucie arnaz when I read she said that her parents would never have done this. If this is in legal documents, it is proof. Besides, I have seen photos online of Cassandria and her smile looks just like Desi Arnaz Jr. .It sounds like the daughter of Ball was well taken care of throughout her life by who raised her,But it is utterly sad that the poor daughter was not acknowleged much in life as a daughter.

  • Candy Jordan

    The article reads that she was in contact with Mrs. Morton “growing up”. If you refer to the dates cited in the article, Lucy didn’t become Mrs. Morton until 1961. The girl would have been 14 by then.( It doesn’t seem probable that Lucy would have used Gary Morton’s last name while still married to Desi Arnez (they divorced in1960). That would mean that she couldn’t have known her as “Mrs. Morton” during her childhood. If she met her at the age of 14, Lucy was already head of Desilu Productions and probably one of the most recognizable faces in America. She wouldn’t have had any doubt who the “brash redhead” was. The story may be true but the facts stated in the article do not add up.

  • witchstone

    actually its real easy to believe lucy and desi were on again off again alot he was always cheatingon her!!!!