Macaulay Culkin Back On Drugs – Bizarre Behavior Starts Again – (VIDEO)

Macaulay Culkin Back On Drugs - Bizarre Behavior Starts Again - (VIDEO)

For a while there, it seemed like people were genuinely worried about Macaulay Culkin‘s health, especially with his extreme gauntness. ‘Sources’ close to him were constantly speaking up, telling the tabloids that they were worried about Macaulay and his supposed drug use. Alas, a few months passed, and Macaulay re-surfaced, looking [relatively] healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that state lasted, if this latest video is any proof. Macaulay Culkin’s band, Pizza Underground, debuted a new music video that is frankly bizarre and alarming. In the video, Culkin is wearing a slice of pizza on his face as a mask and playing the horn through a hole in the pizza. Is that what is passing for art these days?

Culkin’s strange video antics are nothing new, although you have to wonder if there is some underlying explanation to his behavior. Is he on drugs? Does he just not care? Is he one of those former child stars who’s just given up trying to be normal or seem normal, and is doing whatever the heck he wants to with his life? Whatever it is, his behavior has ranged from bizarre to extreme, especially over the last two years.

Coincidentally, it seems as though everything started after his breakup with Mila Kunis, which could have easily been a trigger. After all, he and Mila were together for a very long time, and the end of such a serious relationship can often lead to self destructive behavior. Then again, maybe we’re all overreacting and Macaulay Culkin is just fine, albeit a bit strange.

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4 responses to “Macaulay Culkin Back On Drugs – Bizarre Behavior Starts Again – (VIDEO)”

  1. MakeHerUp says:

    It’s hard to tell if they are just being ironic or are really trying. Can blame them for making a song about pizza.. yum!

  2. ofmodeandmen says:

    You’re basing a rumor, that you’re clearly trying to stir up off, of a music video. Stop trying to be cliché. This is pure trash.

  3. gsmith3390 says:

    I agree, this the best I have seen him look in years. He’s kinda buff, definitely healthy looking and seems to be happy and having a good time.

  4. lanie says:

    See, this is ridiculous. First people start shit about him being on drugs, he has a public appearance where he obviously wasn’t (not even 3 months ago) so people claim he “got off” the drugs. Now since he makes a video about pizza, he’s on drugs? What the [expletive]is wrong with the media? All they want is to see people crash and burn and it’s PATHETIC to me. He looks happy and healthy. He could use a haircut and he made a dumb video, but that is no reason to assume someone is on drug. Dumb [expletive].