Madam Secretary Recap Is Henry Cheating? 11/2/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Passage”

Madam Secretary Recap Is Henry Cheating? 11/2/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Passage”

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all new Sunday November 2, season 1 episode 7 called, “Passage.” On tonight’s episode things get scary when Elizabeth [Téa Leoni] brings Alison with her to India on government business and the two are separated from one another during the mayhem of an earthquake.

On the last episode Elizabeth faced unexpected consequences when she made a plea to the President to help with a dire situation in Western Africa. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, when Elizabeth brings Alison with her to India on her first state department trip abroad, she’s thrown into crisis mode when a massive earthquake hits that causes an explosion at an American-owned factory, and she’s separated from Alison during the chaos

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#MadamSecretary starts now. Daisy tells the others she’s got to serve as bridesmaid and complains about her weekend. Bess comes in and says she looked at their proposals and flipped a coin. She says they’re going to Turkey. Blake won the bet and collects his winnings. Later, Daisy complains to Matt and says she’s serious about Win and their fling is done.

Nadine shows Bess a tea set for President Kozlu but she wants to give him a signed Jordan basketball. Henry is there and says go for the ball. He tells her he has a new deadline on his book and can’t go. She says everyone but Stevie is going and asks him to write on the plane. He says he can’t. Nadine comes in and says she’s been summoned to Camp David and there’s a motorcade waiting.

Nadine comes to tell Matt his paperwork for the trip is held up over a speeding ticket. She says his passport won’t be ready in time and he can’t go. She says Scott will cover for him but he’s upset the new young gun will be going on his place. She says there’s nothing for it and says Turkey will miss him. Bess finds the Prez shooting skeet at Camp David. He introduces his friend Ted Graham and she says she remembers him from the inauguration.

The Prez asks if she considered India for her first trip and she says India’s president is new and needs more time to settle in. Graham says she should go there – he has a vested business interest. Russell is there too and also pushes for the trip. The Prez says Saigal would be reassured by her choosing his country for her first diplomatic trip. She has to cave.

Allison is excited to see the Taj Mahal and hugs her mom. Jason hasn’t packed yet but has an extra battery for his device. Bess begs Henry to come along and says he can write in the office on her plane. He says he has to research and Stevie says she’ll take care of him. Stevie calls Declan and asks him to cover for her. She sees her dad at a cafe with a woman.

She text her dad asking who’s the babe. He checks his phone and looks around and sees her but doesn’t look pleased. He walks over to her across the street but she walks away. He runs after her and tells her to stop. She asks why he’s not at work and who’s the woman. He says she’s helping him with a chapter of his book. He offers to introduce her but Stevie says no and that she’s late. He hugs her, she goes.

At a chemical factory in India, Graham is christening his new plant with Bess on hand. Bess greets the crowd and says it’s a feat of cooperation. Blake isn’t happy with this PR fest promoting the factory. Scott wrote the speech and it’s pretty cheesy with clips from the press kit of the company. Nadine tells the both of them to shut it since all eyes are on them. A cute Indian guy checks out Allison.

Daisy and Matt are out for drinks and she tells him as of tomorrow they are done. She says she has a future with Win and he asks who she’s trying to convince but then he spots Stevie drunk at the bar. He tells her to leave first but Daisy says they have to get her out of there since she’s drunk and underage. Daisy says they can’t let her go like this or a blogger will have her.

Stevie staggers from her chair and Matt says he’s leaving and tells her to do the same. She doesn’t. Daisy approaches her and introduces herself and says she works for her mom. Stevie asks if she can get her another drink. Daisy orders her a coffee instead. Bess talks with the Indian minister and her staff wonders if they’re fighting. They can’t hear.

The woman tells Bess she thinks it’s all about money to buy American goods but Bess says it’s about an emerging middle class. The woman laughs and says she admires her passion. Blake is freaking watching this. The cute guy is at the lunch checking out Allison then comes over to her table. He introduces himself as Sanjay. He flirts with her and offers to show her a peacock.

Jason says she ate too much garlic but Allison says she’d like to take a walk. They leave hand in hand and a local bodyguard follows. Daisy feeds Stevie and asks why she’s getting drunk alone. Stevie says it’s because he’s a cheater and Daisy tells her she’ll find someone else but she says it’s her dad that’s a cheating cheater who cheats then lies about cheating. She tells her about the girl she saw him with.

Daisy says it may have been innocent and Stevie says she knows so she checked up on what he’s doing and he hasn’t been researching anything in the archives like he said was his excuse not to go to India. Daisy is horrified. Bess asks Jason where Allison is and he says she went off with some guy. The whole luncheon starts to shake and rattle and Bess says it’s just a tremor but then it gets worse.

They are knocked to the floor. She tells Blake to stay with Jason while she goes to get Allison but her security team yanks her up and runs her out. Later, Bess asks Fred to go find Allison. He assures her they will. Blake says it’s a 7.3 quake that also hit a hospital. Allison comes in and Bess hugs her in relief. Matt and Daisy watch the earthquake news and are glad Bess is all right.

Matt says he’s sorry that Daisy has to miss her wedding then asks if she thinks Stevie was telling the truth. Daisy asks if she should tell Bess but he says that makes her the other woman’s other woman. She says she loaded Stevie in a cab. They see Bess visiting kids in a local hospital in India. Bess is exhausted as she gets on a call with Daisy and Matt.

They tell her the images of her and Minister Samant at the field hospital are inspiring. Matt says they’re working to provide more support and Bess tells Matt they need to include donation information on all the releases. Daisy says the silver lining is that the trip is a huge success from a communications stand point showing Bess helping out. Matt says he’ll work on a speech but she says Scott is on it and he’s annoyed.

Henry comes home with Jason and Allison in tow and Stevie is thrilled and has made them some yummy junk food. Allison tells them that Sanjay’s house was crush and says it’s awful. Jason rally could care less. Allison and Jason part ways arguing. Stevie asks her dad shouldn’t he be at the archives and he snaps and tells her to cut it out.

Bess is headed to the airport when Henry calls. He says the kids arrived okay and says he needs to tell her something. Blake tells her the chemical plant they just opened was damaged in the earthquake and leaked a toxic chemical that caused a blast that has killed 4,000 people so far. Back in DC, they give her an update.

The fire is still burning after 15 hours and millions of gallons of the toxic chemical are pouring into the Ganges. Nadine says hundreds of thousands will be exposed and may die. Blake says Graham’s company was withing guidelines but the quake that hit was higher than what the law says it had to be graded for. Blake says the company isn’t technically liable. Daisy shows them a news story.

It’s Bess talking about the great new chemical plant on the banks of the Ganges showed side by side with the Ganges in flames. Nadine says the Texas Hotshots are the best shot to put the fire out. Bess says they have to help and to make the Hotshots happen. She tells them to get Samant on the phone and tells them she needs a statement. Matt and Scott argue and she tells them to work together.

Samant tells her they will turn the Hotshots back unless Graham’s company apologizes and takes some responsibility. She says to PM Saigal, this chemical spill feels like a sign they’re being punished for doing business with America. She says Saigal’s stance as a Nationalist won’t allow him to take help from the Americans when they are blaming an American company for the disaster.

Bess says the company was operating within Indian laws and she can’t make the apologize. Bess asks if the PM will let his pride overrule the need to help his people. Turns out, Samant is also in the PM’s corner and is ready to refuse American help. Bess can’t believe they will let their country burn rather than take the offer of help, but that’s how it stands.

Bess meets with Graham and Prez and Graham who won’t give an inch. Bess says he could have spent $200k to bring the tank up to US standards and this never would have happened. The Prez says they have to let his buddy’s company and the Indians work it out on their own. On her way out, Russell tells her he had secretly preferred her initial plan to go to Turkey.

Matt asks Bess to talk to Scott. He says the kid is forcing the lead on the issue just because Matt had passport issues. Bess pulls him aside and says she didn’t help Matt out because she wanted to test Scott.  She says she knows he has one foot out the door and has updated his resume. She says Scott is all in even though he’s new. She says he doesn’t seem committed to her like he did when he worked for Marsh.

Bess comes in and Nadine asks if Graham’s company could hire the Hotshots. Daisy says they can’t salvage it but can spin her participation. Bess says they have to find a solution and says her image can wait. She says they’ll meet back in an hour. Daisy walks out after her and asks why she called her out for doing her job. Daisy says her job is to protect Bess’ image.

She says she’s right and asks if there’s anything else. Daisy says a source told her that Henry is having an affair. She says he’s been seen with a younger woman and this news could affect her reputation. Bess says she thinks Daisy is deflecting guilt over her own relationship with Matt and tells her to get off her family. She goes and Bess tries to relax for a minute but can’t.

She calls Henry and gets his voice mail. She hangs up without leaving a message. At home, she finds Henry in his home office. He goes to hug her and she says she thought he was at the archives. She just out and asks him if he’s having an affair. He gets a blank look but then says no and she says that’s not very convincing. He asks if she’s lost her mind.

She says he’s not in writing mode like she’s always seen. She says he’s being sneaky. She says she knows this and asks if he’s working for the NSA again. He says yes. She asks about the woman and he says that’s his handler. He says the mission is so top secret they wouldn’t even let him tell her. She asks if it’s that religious scholar and he says it is and says he’s the only one who can approach the man at academic conferences. She hugs and kisses him and he hugs her back. She’s visibly relieved.

Next day, Matt catches her and shows her a speech that he says can shake up the hand off. He says forget a company apology and tells her to fall on the already sharpened sword. The speech says she should have checked the safety standards before her visit and says if she had, she would have advised them both to upgrade the standards. He says she can also tell them India is refusing the help from the US.

Bess is excited about this and tells him it’s really good work. She shows it to Daisy and makes sure they have lots of Asian press there. Daisy apologizes to her for what she said earlier. She tells Daisy she’s going to need her magic to survive the speech and high fives Matt on the way in. Bess says she’s taking responsibility for the damage to the Ganges and the country.

Later, the Prez tells her it was a genius move to throw herself, the Indians and Graham’s company all under the bus and says he barely felt the wheels. They discuss that Twitter exploded with requests from the locals to get the Hotshots. The trending hashtag is #BringtheCowboystotheIndians. She says her press secretary came up with it.

Bess says the worst if it is over and Saigal says he let their aid in because of her apology. Graham’s stock is in free fall and the Prez says Graham has to resign but says the guy will land on his feet. Russell is over the moon because he’s justified now that the Prez didn’t take his advice about Turkey and it all blew up.

Henry asks Allison if she’s up late texting with Sanjay. He tells her this is tough. She says she feels guilty for getting to come home to a safe place but she conceded that his family is safe too. Matt comes to see Daisy and she answers in her robe. He’s gasping and out of breath. He ran all the way there. He says he came home and got depressed because he had no one to share it with but his roommate Gross Tony.

He says he’s lived his entire life doing easy things including easy girls but says she’s not one of those easy girls because she’s strong and sharp. He says he wants to be serious with her and tells her that he needs to say something important to her. She stops him and says Win proposed and she said yes. She shows him the engagement ring and he asks if the guy is there.

Matt says this is worse than a nightmare but she says she’s happy with Win but does feel bad about him. He tells her that he’ll be fine and congratulates her on her proposal then leaves. Bess asks Henry if she can ask what he’s working on and he says this is actually his book. He says he did lie about them moving up the deadline. She asks how much she can know but says she doesn’t want to know much.

She asks if it’s going to work out with the NSA and he says if not, they can find someone else. He says this is the life they signed up for and she says they’ll figure it out eventually. He asks what they’re going to do about Stevie since she thinks he’s cheating. Bess says she’ll talk to her and goes to speak to their oldest child.

Stevie is pouting downstairs when Bess comes down. She says he’s not having an affair but Stevie says she’s naïve. Bess says if she thought he was cheating, he would not still be living there. Stevie says she may not be interpreting things correctly. Bess reminds her daughter she was a CIA analyst for a long time. She then grounds Stevie for being 20 and drunk in a bar.

Stevie says she’s an adult and Bess reminds her she lives at home. She says she’s glad her dad isn’t having and affair and hugs her mom but Bess says she’s still grounded. She kisses her goodnight and goes back upstairs.