Mariah Carey Pics Leaked: Terry Richardson Photoshop Retouched Photos – From Chubby To Slim

Mariah Carey Pics Leaked: Terry Richardson Photoshop Retouched Photos - From Chubby To Slim

While it is common to see celebrity photos retouched, enhanced, and some even very drastically photoshopped, it is not every day that we come across a photo that changes the look of the celeb so radically that it doesn’t even look like the same person! Enter diva Mariah Carey. While she is no stranger to a little editing here and there, unretouched pictures taken by photographer Terry Richardson who has repeatedly been in the headlines for claims of sexual harassment by several models he shot, have been leaked and they show a very different Mariah then we normally see in the mags.

Richardson made headlines again recently, this time to announce his upcoming issue of Playboy that will be shot entirely by him. Likely, his subjects for the Playboy shoot won’t need the hours of editing as the Mariah pictures likely required. Richardson has been known to tout his style as “authentic,” but these pictures paint, well, a very different…picture.

Jezebel got their hands on the exclusive pics and noted all of the modifications made and there are many. Among the enhancements were a bronzed skin tone, a thinned jawline, neck and underarm skin creases removed, volume added to her hair, a significant reduction in the waist and thighs, removal of stretch marks, and let’s not forget…a tighter tush. In one of the pictures, shot for Wonderland magazine, Carey’s dress was stretch so thin by her expanded midsection, that tears in the dress had to be digitally removed.

Perhaps Mariah doesn’t plan on going outside for a while because anyone who sees her in person doesn’t need a side-by-side comparison to see the significant difference in body shape and weight from the real Mariah to the photo-edited Mariah. Mariah needs a stylist more than anything. Her continued love of tacky attire makes her look cheap and doesn’t fit her body type. For all those women out there who have ever let photos of celebs and models made them feel bad about their own bodies, take a look at what some sneaky editing can do and know that they deal with the same body issues we all do.

What do you think about Mariah’s photos? How much retouching is too much? Let us know your thoughts below.

Image Credit: Jezebel

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